giphy_vineTwitter has announced that they will be shutting Vine down. However the good news is that Vine users will be given time to download and save their uploaded content, even if it is just for memories. However the good news for Vine users is that if you still want your content to be available online, Giphy has swooped in to the rescue.

Giphy might be know more as a repository for GIFs, but the company has announced that Vine content uploaded will be uploaded as videos, meaning that sound will be available as well.

In an announcement posted by Giphy on Medium, “If you have a GIPHY account, you’ll be able to transfer over all of the Vines you’ve created with this new tool we just finished. For now, they’ll be shareable on GIPHY as GIFs but we’ve got the videos for you, too (sound and all), in the source data we keep for each and every Vine–to–GIF.”

The company did not announce when exactly this will be made available, but this is something that Vine users can look forward to. An alternative would be that Vine users could save their movies and reupload them on YouTube, although we guess some of that Vine “magic” would be lost, or maybe Pornhub will make good on their word and purchase the platform from Twitter.

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