giphy-camIf you’re looking for GIFs to use in your conversation with friends, Giphy is probably one of the more popular repositories of GIFs available out there. Facebook Messenger uses it, and there is also the Giphy app available for Apple’s Messages app. However if you want to create a more customized GIF, Giphy has your back.

Now there are plenty of apps out there that can generate GIFs for you, but if you do enjoy Giphy’s service, the company has launched an app called Giphy Cam for Android. If you’re wondering why the name sounds familiar, it is because in 2015, Giphy Cam was launched for iOS and we guess it is finally making its way onto Android devices.

How it works is simple: you can choose to create your GIF either by recording a video, or by shooting five images in burst mode. Once that’s done, you can add a bunch of stickers or effects that will allow you to create your own amazing and hilarious meme. They also state that they plan on adding new filters weekly “to help you keep your GIF game on point.”

The app is currently in beta and used to be available via the Google Play Store, but at this time of writing clicking the link gives us a “Not found” error, so maybe the app has been taken down by the developers for the time being.

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