google-eventsGoogle seems to have done plenty of housekeeping yesterday, where Google Hangouts have picked up the remote desktop control feature, while the Google Keep Chrome app was released with offline capability, not forgetting a Reddit application for Google Glass. What about Google Calendar, were there any goodies for it? The answer would be yes, as Google shared on how life is made a wee bit easier if you opt to create events straight from your Gmail account.

You are now able to check out the change in your Gmail account, where both dates and times within emails will come lightly underlined. If you choose to click on them, you are able to schedule that particular conference call or lunch date without having to leave the Gmail interface. Isn’t that neat? Clicking on one of these underlined dates would let you preview your schedule for the day and make changes to the title, date or time of the event if required. Should you click on “Add to Calendar”, it will be done just like that, and the calendar event itself will even come with a link back to the original email for easier reference. Only folks using the English (US) language in their Gmail will be able to enjoy this new feature, but rest assured, other languages will receive that capability soon as well.

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