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Google Fit Finally Makes Its Way Onto The iPhone
On iOS devices, Apple has the Health app which allows users to track their health-related data collected from apps and devices like the Apple Watch. Google also has a similar health app in the form of Google Fit which was for Android devices, but now it looks like iOS users who want to use Google Fit will be able to do so.

Google Fit Will Introduce Monthly Challenges For A Healthier 2019
The new year is nearly upon us which means that there is almost a guarantee that we will see people making resolutions about getting in shape, although the question is whether or not these resolutions will be kept is a different story. However if you use Google Fit, it looks like Google wants to help you stick to your goals.

Google Fit Gets A Brand New Design And Revamp
Just like Apple, Google has their own fitness/health app called Google Fit. It was launched in 2014 and now fast forward about 4 years later, it seems that Google has decided to give the app a brand new design along with a revamp of some of its functions and features, which according to Google was developed alongside the American Heart Association (AHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Google Fit Update Introduces Challenges To Android Wear
Some users choose to get a wearable for social reasons, like they want to be notified of incoming messages, reminders, emails, and so on. Others choose wearables for fitness reasons, like they want to track their calories, heart rate, steps, distance, and so on. Now if you fall into the latter category, Google has pushed out a Google Fit update that might be worth checking out.


Xiaomi Mi Band Now Supports Google Fit
Xiaomi’s ultra-affordable Mi Band has just got even better with Google Fit integration. The everyday activity tracker can now be linked to the user’s Google account and through it user can now share fitness statistics with Google Fit. Xiaomi has pushed an update for its Android app that has brought this compatibility to the device.

Google Fit Updated, Now Estimates Distance And Calories Burned
Last year Google announced Google Fit and it is basically Google’s answer to Apple’s Health and HealthKit framework, where users could store all sorts of information regarding their biometrics in the app, and where other fitness apps and devices could also sync with the app to record the data it has gathered.

Nike+ Running Updated With Google Fit Integration
A few months ago, Google announced Google Fit which is basically Google’s answer to Apple’s Health app. Well the good news for fitness enthusiasts is that it looks like Nike+ Running has finally been integrated into Google Fit with the latest update. Prior to this, competing apps such as Runtastic and RunKeeper have been updated with similar integration as well.If you have yet to update the app, just head on […]

Google Fit Now On Google Play
Google looks to be a company that intends to make its way into various aspects of life, including the potentially rewarding health and fitness arena. In fact, Google Fit, which was rumored to be Google’s entry into the health segment, has now appeared as an app officially on Google Play. This has taken several months to happen, where it has been some time after the Google Fit SDK was rolled […]

Adidas miCoach Fit Smart Band Leaked
It looks like Adidas is gearing up to launch a new fitness tracker. Over the past week countless little tidbits about its new tracker have appeared online. We’ve seen the device pop up for certification at the FCC and have even spotted it at retailer Keller Sports. This is pretty much proof enough that Adidas is about to launch this device soon. It is called the Adidas miCoach Fit Smart. Even though […]

Google Fit Aims To Be Your Main Source Of Health Data
We had heard a few weeks back that Google would unveil its new fitness platform at the I/O 2014 conference. It didn’t let us down. Merely a short time after Apple unveiled a similar platform called Healthkit at WWDC 2014 the Mountain View company today announced Google Fit. Some of us use multiple applications to keep track of our health and fitness, be it an app that measures steps or […]