gfit updateLast year Google announced Google Fit and it is basically Google’s answer to Apple’s Health and HealthKit framework, where users could store all sorts of information regarding their biometrics in the app, and where other fitness apps and devices could also sync with the app to record the data it has gathered.

Now for those who felt that the app was still a bit lacking, you might be pleased to learn that Google has since issued an update and the Google Fit app will now be able to estimate things like distance and calories burned during your workout session. To activate these features, users will have to update their profile to include their gender, height, and weight if you haven’t done so already.

Once that’s done, Google Fit should now be able to predict the amount of calories that you’ve burned off throughout the day. The app has also been updated and will now be able to look back on your fitness history so that users can get an idea to see how much they’ve been improving over time, if at all. Last but not least, the update also brings about a widget in which users can implement onto their phone or on their Android Wear device, so at a glance users can check to see how close they are to their goals.

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