The new year is nearly upon us which means that there is almost a guarantee that we will see people making resolutions about getting in shape, although the question is whether or not these resolutions will be kept is a different story. However if you use Google Fit, it looks like Google wants to help you stick to your goals.

The company has announced that come 2019, they will be introducing monthly challenges that will hopefully help users keep in shape. According to Google, “January is fast approaching—and that means it’s almost time for New Year’s resolutions, even though most people seem to abandon them about a week into the new year. “

“But if 2019 is the year you want to stick to your goals, you may want to get a head start. In fact, our New Year’s resolution is to make it easier for you to get healthy, and have fun doing it. Here’s how you can put health and wellness first in 2019, with a little help from Google.” Basically the idea is that you will need to perform various activities in order to generate Heart Points that you can earn during the month.

Each challenge lasts for 30 days but users will be able to hop in and join it whenever they want. Each challenge will have its own rules so this will vary from month to month to help keep things interesting.

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