Google Assistant can do a great many things and now it can help you send and receive money just with voice commands. Google has updated its artificial intelligence-powered assistant with Google Pay integration, enabling users to send and receive money effortlessly using voice commands. Don’t fret if you’ve never heard of Google Pay before, it’s just the new moniker that the company gave Android Pay not too long ago when it decided to unify all of its payment platforms under the Google Pay branding.

Starting today, users can send or request money from their contacts for free using Google Assistant on Android and iOS devices in the United States. The company says that it will bring this functionality to voice-activated speakers like Google Home in the coming months.

Those who haven’t signed up for Google Pay yet will be prompted to configure their account when they ask Assistant to send money to their contacts. Funds are transferred almost immediately and the recipient isn’t even required to have a Google Pay account. They’ll simply receive an email, text message or notification if they have the app installed so they can cash out quickly.

All of this can now be down by giving the Assistant simple voice commands such as “Hey Google, request $20 from Anna for the movie tonight” or “Hey Google, send Jennifer $15 for fuel.”

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