Pixel 3 Owners Are Reporting Call Quality And Connection Issues

While our smartphones have certainly changed the way we interact with our phones, at the end of the day it is still a phone, meaning that at its core it is meant to make phone calls. This is why we imagine how frustrating it can be when a supposed core functionality doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

Renders Of Alleged Google Pixel 3 Lite, Pixel 3 XL Lite Leaked

According to the rumors, Google apparently has a budget version of its Pixel phones in the works dubbed the Pixel 3 Lite. Now thanks to leaks by @OnLeaks and 91mobiles (via 9to5Google), renders of what appears to be the Pixel 3 Lite and the Pixel 3 XL Lite have made their way online.

Latest Pixel Update Addresses Memory Management Issues

If you’ve been finding that your Pixel smartphone has some memory management issues, where apps seem to be constantly closing themselves or restarting even after you’ve just launched them, then you might want to update your handset to the latest update that Google has recently announced.

Google Details How They Achieved Portrait Mode On the Pixel 3

Google’s Nexus handsets used to be known for their somewhat bad quality cameras back in the day, where early Nexus handsets appeared to be lagging way behind the competition in terms of picture quality. However fast forward to today, Google’s Pixel phones actually have pretty impressive and come with features that Android users are porting to non-Pixel handsets.


More Alleged Google Pixel 3 Lite Details Revealed

Google’s Pixel phones has always been a high-end affair as it is meant to represent the best that Google can put into a phone. However this year might be different as there have been rumors suggesting that Google could have planned a third model codenamed Sargo that could actually represent a budget option for customers who wanted the Pixel experience minus the cost.

Alleged Photos Taken By Pixel 3 Lite Shows Off Its Quality

According to a leaked photo from the other day, it seems that Google could have a new Pixel 3 phone in the works in the form of the Pixel 3 Lite which has been referred to by its codename “Sargo” which was spotted in the ARCore APK teardown. Now thanks to more photos shared by Rozetked, sample photos taken by the phone’s camera have been revealed.

Pixel 3 Bug Disables The Phone’s Camera

Google’s Nexus phones were never really known for their cameras. In fact there have been several Nexus handsets whose cameras were quite bad, but Google has definitely turned things around with its Pixel lineup. Unfortunately now it looks like thanks to a bug, Pixel 3 users can’t even use the camera.

Google Pixel 3 To Get Call Screen Transcripts Soon

Earlier it was reported that the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL would be getting the call screen feature that Google had announced earlier this year. Now according to a report from XDA, it seems that the call screen feature is also expected to eventually find its way onto the Google Pixel 3 handset as well.

Alleged Photo Of Budget ‘Pixel 3 Lite’ Surfaces

Ahead of Google announcing the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, there was a rumor suggesting that Google could be launching not just two, but three Pixel smartphones for 2018. However the announcement came and went with only two Pixel 3 devices, but now newly leaked photos suggest otherwise.

Fix Incoming For Pixel 3’s Buzzing Speakers

Last month Pixel 3 users were reporting that they were experiencing buzzing noises coming from the speakers on their phones. The good news is that if you are experiencing a similar problem on your Pixel 3, it appears that Google is aware of the problem and that a fix is in the works, according to an update from Android Police who confirmed it with Google.

Some Pixel 3 Owners Are Reporting Screen Flickering Issues

When Google launched their Pixel phones, the company ran into various QA issues with the handset where users were reporting a multitude of bugs and hardware issues. This continued with the Pixel 2, and now it looks like the Pixel 3 is also suffering from various hardware and software problems as well.

Some Pixel 3 Handsets Are Reportedly Overheating While Charging

Handsets usually get a bit hot when they are being charged and this is normal, but when they get too hot to the point where it might be too hot to the touch or when it can lead to the device shutting off by itself, then you know that this is a problem. Unfortunately this is a problem that some Pixel 3 users are reporting.

Pixel 3’s Night Sight Mode Ported Onto The OnePlus 6, 6T

Companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have made pretty great strides with regards to their smartphone photography tech, unlike Google where it was only until recently that the company started to adopt a dual camera setup. However Google had more than made up for it with their great camera software, as demonstrated in the Pixel 3 smartphones.

Users Reporting Pixel Stand Is Causing Some Issues With The Pixel 3

One of the accessories that Google launched alongside the Pixel 3 is the Pixel Stand. This is essentially a wireless charging stand that lets users wirelessly charge their Pixel 3 smartphones at a faster 10W rate, while also doubling as a dock, but unfortunately according to reports, it looks like the accessory has been causing some trouble for users.