Thanks to social media, various minority groups now have a voice and platform to share their thoughts and opinions. However the downside is that it has given everyone, good or bad, a voice. This has proven to be a problem as extremist groups have been using such platforms to spread their hate and propaganda.

However companies such as Facebook and YouTube have taken active steps to remove such content, but unfortunately it feels like a game of whack-a-mole because according to a report from The Independent, those extremist groups have reportedly found a new home on Google+, Google’s somewhat forgotten social media network.

Google has confirmed The Independent’s findings in a statement which reads, “We have clear policies against violent content as well as content from known terrorist organisations and when we find violations, we take swift action. We have a team dedicated to keeping violent content and hate speech off our platforms, including Google+. And while we recognise we have more to do, we’re committed to getting this right.”

While Google+ is still very much alive and well, it’s safe to say that never quite achieved the reach and fame that Facebook or Twitter had. It is unclear what Google’s plans are for Google+ in the future.

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