It seems wherever the Google Street View car goes, it’s bound to get some attention as people just can’t help but become excited when they know they will be immortalized in Google Maps for a couple of years. The drivers of the Google Street View car probably like the attention they receive, but getting attention from the police is one we’re sure they feel they could do without.

Twitter user Nagi_224 spotted the Google Street View car somewhere in Japan getting pulled over by local police officers. The twitter user didn’t question why exactly the Google Street View car was being questioned by police, but we would like to think the officers were possibly asking for directions to the nearest Starbucks, since, you know, the Google Street View car would probably know that kind of stuff. Either way, hopefully being detained by the police for a few minutes didn’t ruin the Google Street View car’s schedule as we need it to give us continuous updates on where places are located over in Japan, especially those love hotels we hear so much about.

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