It’s been quite the interesting year for Google Street View drivers as just this past summer, one was pulled over by police in Japan while another was detained by Thai villagers thinking the driver was spying on them. Now, we’re hearing reports a Google Street View vehicle was not only involved in a failed hit-and-run, but as a result of their driving, they rammed into two busses and a truck.

The incident occurred in Bogor, Indonesia when the driver initially hit just one bus. After the crash, the driver became panicked and attempted to drive away. As he attempted to get away from the scene of the accident, the driver then crashed into an additional bus as well as a truck. After treating his vehicle like a game of pinball, he decided it was best to just stop driving for a bit before he probably took down another vehicle or whatever nearly-extinct animal they have over in Indonesia is.

Google’s head of communications Vishnu Mahmud released a statement to news agency AFP confirming the occurrence of this incident. “We take incidents like this very seriously,” said Mahmud in the published statement. “We’re working closely with local authorities to address the situation.”

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