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Grammarly’s Keyboard App Can Now Detect The Tone Of Your Message
For those who might be concerned about getting emails and documents spell-checked and also checked for proper grammar usage, then Grammarly might be a tool that you’re familiar with. Originally available as an extension for the web, Grammarly has since expanded to other areas, like being a keyboard app for smartphones.

Grammarly Will Now Be Able to Gauge The Tone Of Your Emails
Grammarly is a pretty popular browser extension if you want to make sure that what you write in your documents and emails are grammatically correct. However, it seems that in an update to the service, the folks at Grammarly have introduced a new feature in which it will be able to detect the tone of your emails.

Grammarly Keyboard Update Adds Synonyms To Make You Sound Smarter
If you write a lot, then you might be familiar with a piece of software called Grammarly, which is a service that lets you check your grammar as you write. It exists as a browser extension and it also exists as a third-party keyboard app for iOS and Android devices. If you use it as the latter, then a recent update to the app might be worth checking out.

Grammarly Browser Extension Bug Lets People See What You Type
Grammarly started off as a tool that let people check their grammar in their writing, and also offered users suggestions on what they could change to make it better. It eventually found its way onto browsers and also as a keyboard app, but unfortunately it seems that a recent bug was discovered that could have had disastrous consequences.


Grammarly Keyboard Now Available For Android Devices
Last month Grammarly rolled out its keyboard for iOS devices, and for Android users who were looking forward to using it as well, the good news is that Grammarly’s keyboard app is now available on Android as well and can be downloaded for free via the Google Play Store if that’s something you’re interested in.