If you do a lot of writing on your computer, then there is a chance you might be familiar with Grammarly. It’s a tool that helps users check their spelling, grammar, and can also help you with the tone of what you’re writing. While Grammarly has been available for mobile devices, the company has announced an update that will make its iPhone and iPad app even more useful.

Basically with the version 2.0 update, Grammarly will bring all of its desktop features onto iPhones and iPads. This includes an editor that lets users write more long-form documents, while leveraging Grammarly’s spell and grammar checking tools. It also includes personal stats and milestones to help users improve over time.

The update will also now include an extension for mobile Safari so even if you’re browsing the web and need to type things up, you can check your grammar. The app, of course, will contain the Grammarly keyboard that has been around 2017, so you can continue to take advantage of that if that’s what you’re after.

Grammarly is free to download, but keep in mind that if you want to unlock all of the app’s features and truly take full advantage of everything it has to offer, then you’ll have to pay for its subscription. To get your hands on the app, head on over to Apple’s App Store for the download.

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