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Cathay Pacific Data Breach Affects 9.4 Million Passengers
We imagine that airline companies are a treasure trove of sensitive information. After all we usually provide them with information such as credit card details, our home addresses, identity card numbers, passport information, and more, all of which are usually required when tickets are purchased online.

The FBI Is Now Investigating Facebook’s Security Breach
Towards the end of September, Facebook announced that they had experienced a security breach. The breach was said to have compromised about 50 million accounts and Facebook claims to have since addressed the issue. However in a post on its website, Facebook has shared additional details, including how the FBI has since gotten involved with the investigation.

Temporary Global Internet Disruptions Expected In The Next 48 Hours
If in the next 48 hours or so you start experience network failure, don’t worry because this is planned. In a report from RT (via NDTV), the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced that they will be carrying out maintenance work and change the cryptographic key that helps protect the Internet’s DNS.

WhatsApp Fixes Video Call Bug That Lets Hackers Take Over The App
Over the years WhatsApp has grown in terms of features and functionality. The app initially started as an app that would let users send messages to each other, but in recent years users have also been able to make voice and video calls. Unfortunately it seems that the video call feature had a bug that might have been missed by the company.


Security Expert Casts Doubt On Apple China Spy Chip Story
Last week there was a report from Bloomberg claiming that China had slipped spy chips into Apple’s iCloud servers, a story that Apple has refuted multiple times not only to the public, but in a letter to the US Congress as well. So far intelligence agencies seem to agree with Apple’s denials, although Bloomberg is sticking to their story, claiming that they have multiple sources who all them the same […]

PSA: Facebook ‘Hacking’ Hoax Is Making Its Rounds
Every now and then we come across hoaxes where it tries to trick people into thinking that their account might have been hacked. The latest hoax comes from Facebook, although not directly, where a “friend” would message you claiming that they have received a suspicious friend request from you, and that your account might have been compromised as a result.

Sony Sues Third-Party Seller For Selling Jailbroken PS4 Consoles
Given the price of games, it’s not surprising the in the early days of consoles like the original PlayStation and the PS2, piracy was extremely rampant as it was such an easy process to replicate the CDs/DVDs that games came on. However in recent times, it seems to have become less of a problem, although there are still instances of it happening.

Apple Reassures Congress That They Have Found No Signs Of A Hack
The other day a report from Bloomberg revealed that China might have implanted spy chips into Apple’s iCloud servers. These chips are said to be the size of a rice grain, making them tiny and near impossible to spot with the naked eye. Apple has since strongly refuted the report, going as far as to issue a press release.

Apple Issues Press Release Over China Spy Chips Report
The other day a report from Bloomberg revealed that China had apparently planted spy chips inside of Apple’s iCloud servers. Apple had initially denied the report with a short statement, but they have since followed up with a full press release in which they are maintaining their denial but have also offered up more information.

Apple Denies China Slipped Spy Chips Into Its iCloud Servers
Countries like China have gotten a bad rep over the years as a country that likes to spy on others. For example we have seen instances where Chinese companies have been accused of making hardware that could allow them to spy on US citizens. Now a recent report has revealed that China might have planted “spy chips” inside of Apple’s iCloud server hardware.

Facebook Hacked, 50 Million Accounts Compromised
Facebook is the biggest social network in the world at the moment, and with millions of accounts on its platform, it does seem like a hacker’s dream come true to be able to mine all of these accounts for all kinds of personal information that could be used for other malicious purposes. Unfortunately for some, that’s exactly what happened.

Hacker Announces He Will Live Stream His Hack Of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page
Usually hackers prefer to remain anonymous. After all hacking for the most part is a crime, and what criminal would want to announce themselves to the world, right? Maybe some might reveal themselves after the fact to perhaps revel in the notoriety and “fame”, but in the case of prominent Taiwanese hacker Chang Chi-yuan, he has announced his plans ahead of time.

Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor Lets You Know If Your Data Is Breached
It is a bit disappointing that despite the advancements we’ve made to technology that security is still lacking where we’re hearing about hacks and data breaches more times than we should. Given how entrenched our lives are with various online services, this something we should all strive to be aware about.

Nintendo Switch NES Emulator Has Already Been Hacked
One of the perks of signing up with the Nintendo Switch Online service is that it gives players access to a library of NES games. These NES games are run using an emulator and as it turns out, the emulator has already been hacked which means that in theory, gamers will be able to download their own NES ROMs onto it.