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Skype Bug Could Allow Attackers To Gain System-Level Access
Microsoft’s Skype app has been around for the longest time ever, but it seems that Microsoft could soon be forced to rewrite the app from scratch, thanks to a recently discovered bug which if exploited, could allow an attacker to gain system-level access to the target’s computer through the Skype installer.

Samsung, Roku Smart TVs Found To Be Vulnerable To Hacking
Back in the day, our TVs were simply displays that showed movies, the news, TV series, documentaries, and more from television broadcast stations. Nowadays our TVs have gotten smarter, allowing us to download apps, surf the web, play games, watch internet TV, and so on, but unfortunately that also means that it leaves itself open to being hacked.

New Netflix Phishing Email Scams Are Making Their Rounds
These days the spam filters in email services are getting much better where usually you can more or less rest assured knowing that you are safe. However from time to time, some do slip through the cracks, and some are especially convincing due to the email names they use and also the way the emails have been designed.

ATM ‘Jackpotting’ Attacks Have Found Their Way To The US
In TV shows and movies, sometimes you see how ATMs can be hacked where it just spits out all the money in its reserve. This is actually a real-life hack known as “jackpotting” and is prevalent in regions like Europe and Asia, and now it seems that it has started to creep into the US as well.


Coincheck To Refund Customers Hit By $400 Million Cryptocurrency Hack
As cryptocurrencies become popular, hacks targeting popular exchanges and trading platforms are growing as well. It was reported earlier this week that one of Japan’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck was hacked. The hack resulted in $400 million worth of NEM coins being stolen. Coincheck has now confirmed that it’s going to refund customers who were affected by this hack.

$530M NEM Stolen Following Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack
Just like real-life cash, cryptocurrency can be stolen as well. In fact last year $30 million worth of cryptocurrency had been stolen, which is a lot of money, but we reckon it pales in comparison to the latest theft. Japanese cryptocurrency exchange CoinCheck has confirmed that $530 million worth of cryptocurrency had been stolen from the platform.

Blizzard’s Games Were Vulnerable To Hijacking Exploit
Given that pretty much all games these days seem to require an always-on internet connection, which also means that gamers might be more susceptible to hacks. That could have been the case for gamers who enjoy Blizzard’s games because according to Google researcher Tavis Ormandy, Blizzard’s games were recently discovered to contain a hijacking exploit.

Intel Says Spectre & Meltdown Exploits Extend To Newer Chips As Well
A couple of weeks ago, security exploits known as Spectre and Meltdown were revealed and it is a particularly nasty exploit. This is due to the fact that the exploits affect a variety of chips from a variety of makers, covering a bunch of devices ranging from computers to mobile phones.

Some OnePlus Customers Reporting Credit Card Fraud After Purchasing From Site
If there is a reason to purchase from official websites is because you tend to assume that they are secure, and that they have a responsibility to their customers to ensure that their data isn’t stolen. Unfortunately it seems that might not be the case for OnePlus customers as there have been reports that some customers are experiencing credit card fraud.

Wi-Fi Alliance Announces New, More Secure WPA3 Standard
It has often been suggested by those in the cyber security business that hooking onto a public WiFi network is probably not the best idea, especially if you’re planning on performing actions such as internet banking, or transferring sensitive information. However the good news is that the Wi-Fi Alliance has plans to help beef up WiFi security with the new WPA3 standard.

Starbucks’ WiFi Hijacked Laptops To Mine Cryptocurrency
Public WiFi is great if you’re in a foreign country and have no access to the internet, or if you’re out and don’t want to tether your phone to your laptop. Unfortunately public WiFi does carry certain risks, such as being hacked or having your data intercepted, or in the case of Stensul CEO Noah Dinkin, having your laptop hijacked and used to mine cryptocurrency.

HomeKit Vulnerability Discovered In iOS 11.2
While software bugs do happen from time to time, we have to say that the number of bugs and issues popping up in iOS 11 is a bit alarming. In fact the latest is less of a bug and more of a security vulnerability which involves HomeKit and if exploited, will allow hackers to gain unauthorized control of various HomeKit-connected accessories.

Thieves Unlock A Mercedes In 60 Seconds Without Breaking Anything
One of the new features we’re seeing in cars today is the ability for them to be unlocked remotely through an app, or unlocking without the need for the insertion of a key or a press of the remote, as long as the owner of the car (and the key) is within distance of the vehicle. The goal is presumably convenience, but unfortunately it does raise some security concerns.

Uber Discloses Massive Data Breach That Occurred In 2016
If your account got hacked, isn’t that something you’d like to be immediately aware of right away? Unfortunately for Uber, the company is only now disclosing a year later that back in 2016, they experienced a massive data breach that saw 57 million user data stolen by hackers, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Flaw Found In Amazon Key That Could Disable The Cloud Cam
A couple of weeks ago, Amazon announced Amazon Key. This is basically a system that allows a courier to enter your home and leave your package in your home, which means that even if you’re not home you will still receive your packages as promised. This will cut down on delivery delays and also theft of packages when left on the front door.

Report Claims Android Is The Most Targeted By Malware
Malware, viruses, hacks; those are security issues that aren’t exactly new, but unfortunately it seems that some platforms are more affected than most. According to Nokia’s latest Threat Intelligence Report, it seems that they have discovered that Google’s Android platform is by far the most targeted by malware.

MMO Disables In-Game Chat After Discovering It Can Be Used To Send Malware
In-game chats in MMORPGs can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever played an MMORPG before, you know that these chats can be never-ending conversations about all things inane, ranging from insults, political discussions, and of course scam links. As if that wasn’t worrying enough, it seems that malware could be a problem as well.

Your Google Account Is Most Likely To Be Hijacked Through Phishing
There are many ways to get hacked on the internet, but it seems that one of the more common ways that people are getting their accounts hacked and taken over is through phishing. This is according to a recent study conducted by Google in an attempt to find out the root causes of hijacking and account takeovers experienced by Google users.

These Groovy Lava Lamps Help Keep Part Of The Internet Secure
Lava lamps at some point in time were an extremely popular piece of home decoration, but fast forward to today, it seems that these groovy pieces of home furnishing has found a new lease on life: protecting part of the internet. Wait, what? Yup, you read that right, because the folks at Cloudflare have found a way to utilize these lava lamps to protect the internet.

Tesla Model S Hacked To Run On Hydrogen
When it comes to “green” cars or cars that can be powered by renewable forms of energy, it seems that electric cars are more or less the more popular choice, although we have seen companies attempt to create cars that can be powered by hydrogen, in which one of the benefits is that its byproduct is simply water and is harmless to the environment.