When we think of malware attacks, we usually associate them with online attacks where clicking a suspicious link or opening a suspicious email attachment can sometimes result in malware being installed on a computer. However, it seems that a woman was recently arrested for carrying malware into President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

This is quite an unusual case, but at the same time there is some logic to it. The woman was discovered carrying a USB drive that contained malware which according to Engadget, is typically used in state-backed campaigns to breach computers that are otherwise not connected to the internet.

The woman,Yujing Zhang, initially made her way into the resort as resort staff initially assumed she was related to another guest staying at the property who had the same last name. However, suspicions arose when she was caught saying she was attending an event that did not exist.

She later changed her story to say that she wanted to speak to a family member of Trump to discuss China’s economic relationship with the US. In addition to the USB drive with malware, four cellphones, a laptop, an external hard drive, and two “Republic of China” (Taiwan) passports were discovered on her person. It is unclear as to what her real goal was, but it is an interesting situation to say the least.

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