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High School Student Phishes Teachers To Change Grades
There is no doubt that taking exams can be stressful, especially if you need a good grade whether it be to get into the school of your choice, or to prevent yourself from being kicked out, and so on. However what lengths would you go to get a good grade? In the case of a 16-year old high school student from Concord, California, phishing was the answer.

Malicious Siri Commands Can Be Hidden In Songs
It is obvious that there is a clear advantage of having devices that are always listening for voice commands because it means you can access it from a distances and not fiddle with buttons. It is more definitely more efficient. However there is also a disadvantage and that is it is always listening.

World Of Warcraft DDoS Hacker Sentenced To Jail
The problem with games that are based online is that they’re subject to hacks such as DDoS. Unfortunately in Blizzard’s case, several years ago their MMORPG World of Warcraft was subject to such a hack, although the good news is that it appears that justice has been served to the hacker behind it.

PUBG Hackers Arrested & Fined For Developing Cheats For The Game
Nobody likes a cheat, especially developers who have to deal with hackers and cheaters ruining their games. For example Blizzard has in the past gone after developers who have created bots for their games, so it’s not surprising that PUBG’s developers have also adopted a similar strict stance against cheaters as well.


Hackers Create A Master Key That Can Unlock Millions Of Hotel Rooms
One of the upsides to hotels using key cards is that they are programmable. This means that in the event a guest loses a key card or if the card is damaged, it is easily replaceable. They are also interchangeable which means that any card can be programmed for any room. The downside? They are hackable.

New Fake Flash Player Installer For Mac Discovered
One of the favorite ways that we’re seeing hackers try to infect Mac computers is through fake Flash installers. Basically it will create a popup that tells the user that they will need to install the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player and given that for the most part it has been designed to look like the genuine article, it’s not surprised that some fall for it.

Hackers Have Apparently Found An ‘Unpatchable’ Way To Hack The Switch
Back in the day, consoles were relatively easier to hack where hackers and modders found a way to load pirated games onto them, which undoubtedly caused a huge headache for companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. These days security is considerably tighter, but it seems that Nintendo might have just experienced a breach.

Microsoft’s Windows Defender Now Available As A Chrome Extension
For those who use Microsoft’s Windows platform, you’re probably familiar with the Windows Defender software which is Microsoft’s own way of protecting Windows users at an OS level without the need for additional software. The good news is that it looks like Windows Defender will now also be available as a Google Chrome extension.

US, UK Warn That Russia Has Been Hacking Routers Worldwide
If there was ever a time to beef up your computer’s security at home, now would be it. This is because if the reports are to be believed, Russia has apparently been hacking routers in homes around the world. This is according to a joint announcement by both the US and UK intelligence agencies.

MyFitnessPal Data Breach Exposes 150 Million User Accounts
For those who are tracking their exercise and food intake, chances are you might be using MyFitnessPal which is probably one of the more popular health/fitness apps around. Unfortunately it looks like if you are one of the platform’s users, there is a chance your data might have been exposed.

iOS Camera QR Code Reader Vulnerability Discovered
One of the new features that Apple built into iOS 11 is native QR code scanning in the default camera app. This allows users to fire up the camera app and scan a QR code instead of relying on third-party apps, but it appears that there might be a security flaw within the iOS camera QR reader.

Orbitz Breach Might Have Exposed 880,000 Payment Cards
The problem with online shopping and one of the fears that many people still have today, is how your credit card information is online. Granted it is encrypted but sometimes hacks do happen which can be rather inconvenient. Unfortunately for those who might be users of Orbitz, it appears that the company has recently experienced a breach.

Safari Exploits Demonstrated At Pwn20wn 2018
It is rare if not impossible that software is completely invulnerable to hacks or exploits, which is why updates are important and why companies reward developers who discover bugs or possible hacks. In fact recently at the Pwn20wn 2018 event, several Safari exploits were demonstrated.

New iTunes App Store Phishing Scams Are Making Their Rounds
If there is a good reason to try and hack into someone’s Apple account it is because it contains a lot of sensitive data, such as devices associated with said account, phone numbers, contacts, photos, and also credit card details in which the hacker will be able to go on a shopping spree if they find out said details.