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Microsoft Warns Of Windows Exploits That Are Actively Being Attacked
From time to time, new security holes and exploits are discovered in software. This is because there is simply no such thing as the perfect code, where there will always be ways in which certain features and functions can be exploited. Unfortunately for Windows 10 users, it seems that there are currently a couple of vulnerabilities in Windows 10 that are being actively exploited.

Newly-Discovered Vulnerability Could Affect AMD CPUs Up To 9 Years Ago
The other day it was reported that a new vulnerability for Intel’s chipsets had been found, and that these vulnerabilities are essentially unpatchable due the fact it has been hardcoded into the CPU itself. For AMD users who think that they might be safe, think again because that does not appear to be the case.

New Intel Chip Flaw Discovered, Might Be Unpatchable
A couple of years ago, a pretty huge flaw was discovered amongst Intel’s chipsets. While it looks like things might have smoothed over since, it looks like a new flaw has been discovered, and this time what makes this particular flaw so dangerous is the fact that it apparently unpatchable.

Shark Tank Host Got Phished Out Of $400,000
Phishing scams are pretty common but for the most part, email service providers such as Gmail typically do a good job at filtering them out. However, it seems that Shark Tank host Barbara Corcoran recently fell prey to such a scam, which resulted in her potentially losing $400,000 after an erroneous wire transfer.


Researchers Use A Low-Tech Hack To Trick A Tesla Into Speeding Up Unnecessarily
Cars these days are getting smarter where they come with a variety of sensors and cameras on board that can warn drivers of obstacles. All of this seems to be paving the way towards a future of self-driving cars, but it seems that there still needs to be some work done on them, especially when they can be tricked with a simple two-inch piece of tape.

Philips Hue Bulbs Had A Security Flaw That Allowed Hackers To Remotely Control It
If there is one problem with many smart home devices is that how secure they are depends from device to device. This is because at the moment, there is no standardized security amongst these devices, and as such, it’s not surprising to learn from time to time that a smart home device could be compromised.

WhatsApp Security Flaw Discovered In Desktop App
WhatsApp started out as a mobile app for users to chat with each other, but the company has since expanded where they have created a desktop version of the app where users can also chat while on their computers. Now, if you do use WhatsApp on the desktop, you might want to consider making sure it’s been updated to the latest version.

Hackers Can Steal Your Data From Your Monitor’s Brightness
When you think of hackers stealing data, it’s largely assumed that they have installed some kind of malware on your PC where your data is being siphoned without your knowledge. This is true, to a certain extent, but it seems that there are other ways that hackers can steal data without necessarily going through the process of installing a trojan.

Google Maps ‘Hacked’ To Create A Fake Traffic Jam
Why Google Maps is much more effective as a driving navigational tool compared to others is because the information is updated constantly in real-time. This works by Google checking to see if there are other Google Maps users in the area to determine road congestion, but it seems that this system is flawed.

Fake Flash Update Trojan Is Infecting Mac Computers
Adobe’s Flash platform has been slowly deprecated from use over the years. Companies who have developed browsers, such as Apple, have also disabled the feature by default a few years ago. Unfortunately, it seems that there are still malware out there that is infecting Mac computers.

New Text Scam Disguises Itself As A FedEx Tracking Notification
We buy a lot of things online these days and as such, getting text message notifications letting us know that our purchase has been shipped out is pretty common. However, it seems that there is a new text scam making its rounds that is disguising itself as a FedEx tracking notification, making users more inclined to click on it.

WordPress Admin Bug Lets Anyone Login As An Admin
WordPress is one of the main platforms powering many websites and blogs that you read today. It is an incredibly popular platform augmented by the fact that there is a very active developer scene where there are a ton of plugins that users can use to improve their website. However, it seems that not all plugins were created equal.

Developer Modifies USB Cable To Wipe Your Laptop When It’s Yanked Out
We’re sure that many of us have misgivings about leaving our laptops out in the open in public spaces and walking away, maybe to get something or go to the bathroom, out of fear that it might be stolen. However, developer Michael Altfield might have created the perfect solution for that in the form of a modified USB cable.

Back In The Day, Soviet Spies Bugged An American Embassy Typewriter
These days, thanks to malware and the fact that everything is connected online, spying seems to have gotten a lot easier, where information like keystrokes, files stored on servers, and data being transmitted can be easily intercepted. However, back in the day when things were largely offline, it can be a lot harder.