It’s mid-way through August which means kids will be going back to school soon, and that also means that Halloween is only a couple months away. If you’re a Halloween enthusiast, you’ll probably agree that it’s never too early to start shopping for your spooky gadgets and decorations, and here’s one that you might want to add to your shopping cart.

It’s under the Martha Stewart brand (she seems to do everything!) and it’s a wreath that has been designed to look like it’s filled with snakes. Before you go off thinking that this is just another scary wreath to hang on your front door, here’s the kicker – thanks to the ingenious use of motion sensors and motors, the snakes will actually start shaking and vibrating when someone approaches your front door!

The shaking and vibrating gives the illusion that the snakes may jump up at any moment to bite you, and combined with the hissing and rattling sounds, well we can imagine that it will be pretty darn unnerving, especially to young kids who will be trick or treating for the very first time. It’s powered by a set of 4x AA batteries and is available for $29, which seems pretty cheap for some pretty cheap thrills.

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