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Google’s Hands Free Lets You Pay Using Your Voice
“These are not the droids you are looking for.” Wouldn’t it be cool if we could the Force in our lives? Imagine being able to do all sorts of things just by speaking it out loud, that would be awesome, right? Well Google is looking to give you that chance by announcing Hands Free, a new payment method in which you can pay for purchases by using just your voice.Yup, […]

Google Hands Free In The Works?
In June this year, it was reported that Google might actually be working on KITT, which is an alleged hands-free car functionality that will cater to Android users. This particular program has been touted to have been developed specifically so that drivers are able to interact with their Android-powered device without being distracted from what is going on in front of them on the road. Needless to say, achieving this […]

Burger King Whopper Holder Offers Hands-Free Dining
Burger King is introducing a hands-free whopper device that lets you have full use of your hands while eating a burger.

Jabra STREET2 is one stylish Bluetooth pendant
Jabra, a company known for its wireless headsets and accessories for smartphones has just announced the addition of yet another device to its hands-free kit lineup. Called the STREET2, this stylish Bluetooth device comes in the form of a dog-tag pendant that hangs around your neck. Users can then plug in their favorite headphones to enjoy their music and calls with the device.What’s special about the STREET2 is that it […]


Bracketron Cradle-iT Dash Mount makes your phone car-safe
One of the main reasons why people using the phone while driving causes accidents is the fact that people take their eyes off the road in order to look at their phones. And in this age of touchscreen phones, the habit is even more prominent than before. Hands-free kits and voice commands have been created to help alleviate the problem but sometimes it just isn’t enough, hence the introduction of […]

Bose unveils Series 2 Bluetooth headset
Bose is a company known for creating audio products, such as home theatre systems, speaker systems for computers, speaker docks for iOS devices, headphones and earphones, and it looks like Bose will be dipping their toes into yet another Bluetooth headset device with the Series 2.

Parrot unveils MiniKit+ Bluetooth car kit
If you’re constantly on the move and need to travel from location to location, getting yourself a Bluetooth hands free kit for your phone in the car is probably a good idea. Now if you happen to be the type that has more than one cellphone, Parrot has just unveiled their MiniKit+ Bluetooth hands free smartphone car kit which is something you may want to take a look at.

Toshiba Camileo Clip video recorder offers hands-free recording
For those interested in getting their hands on a hands-free video recording device, Toshiba announced today at IFA the Camileo Clip mini recorder.

Ear MIKI concept earphones don't tangle
If you prefer corded earphones instead of Bluetooth headsets when it comes to hands-free kits for your phones, you probably know what it’s like to get your earphones tangled up with your keys and other objects in your pocket or bag. To deal with this problem, we’ve come up with solutions like wrapping the cords of the headset around something, or placing it in a separate bag – but it’s […]

Pendant Phone is great for when you're hands are full
Now we’re all probably familiar with hands free devices, and the Pendant Phone is looking to bring it to a whole new level. Typically hands free phones require a hands free kit that consists of either a pair of headphones with a microphone attached, or you could go for a Bluetooth headset, or even use the phone’s loudspeaker. If there’s one thing that they all share in common is that […]

Veho VEP-004-BT Bluetooth wireless headphones
If you’re looking to enjoy music on your headphones without wires, then Veho’s latest offering of their VEP-004-BT Bluetooth wireless headphones might be something worth checking out.

Bluetrek CARBON Bluetooth 3.0 headset now on sale
The CARBON Bluetooth 3.0 headset that made its way over to the FCC last week has now been officially unveiled by Bluetrek. It is the world’s first Bluetooth headset made of carbon fiber – giving it super strength and balanced weight. It solves the problems with Bluetooth headsets being too heavy and unable to balance in users’ ears. The CARBON also has Noise Lock noise cancellation, wind and echo cancellation […]

SuperTooth HD helps you stay focused on the road while driving
One of the most dangerous things anyone can do while driving is use the phone at the same time. Well the folks over at SuperTooth have come up with a solution to the problem. Called the SuperTooth HD, this gadget helps you keep your eyes focused on the road when you want to check your texts or emails that come in on your phone. All you have to do is […]

Hanfree stand lets you use your iPad hands-free
While Apple’s Smart Cover can do a lot of things, there’s one thing it can’t do – keep your iPad suspended in mid-air. When you want to look at your iPad while you’re not seated at a desk, this can be a problem. A bunch of designers have come up with something called the Hanfree – a cleverly designed stand that will let you use your iPad even if your […]