Hanfree iPad stand

While Apple’s Smart Cover can do a lot of things, there’s one thing it can’t do – keep your iPad suspended in mid-air. When you want to look at your iPad while you’re not seated at a desk, this can be a problem. A bunch of designers have come up with something called the Hanfree – a cleverly designed stand that will let you use your iPad even if your hands are full. The stand keeps the iPad suspended in mid-air to allow you use it for many different purposes – from reading instructions while cooking to reading or watching movies in bed. The Hanfree works with both the original iPad and iPad 2. The creators are still seeking funds for it through the Kickstarter page. If you pre-order the stand you can get it for only $50, but when it goes on sale, the price will jump up to $80. Hit the break to watch a promo video of the stand:


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