Now we’re all probably familiar with hands free devices, and the Pendant Phone is looking to bring it to a whole new level. Typically hands free phones require a hands free kit that consists of either a pair of headphones with a microphone attached, or you could go for a Bluetooth headset, or even use the phone’s loudspeaker. If there’s one thing that they all share in common is that you would need the phone to be there with you either in your hand or in your pocket.


The Pendant Phone is looking to change that by having the phone built into the pendant itself, which can be clipped onto a piece of clothing via a pair of magnets. Designer Josie Baker also built in a number pad and a “call” button, which simplifies everything and takes away unnecessary distractions like text messaging or web surfing.

It looks like a great device for those times when your hands are full, and you just need to answer the phone, or make a quick call out while in the garden, washing the car, or cooking, and etc.

Unfortunately the colors of the Pendant Phone are such that we don’t really see high level business personalities sporting the device any time soon, which is just as well since it is only a concept anyway; a concept that perhaps may see the light of day as the technology behind it isn’t exactly very “out there”.

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