There’s nothing quite like being able to eat your favorite fast food treat without having to actually hold it, which is why we thought McDonald’s Potato Holder was the perfect accessory to get your french-fry fix wherever you go. It looks like McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food restaurant that wants to offer a hands-free way to feed your face as Burger King is introducing its “Hands-Free Whopper.”


The Hands-Free Whopper looks like it shouldn’t be real, but in fact, it’s an actual product which is being distributed in Puerto Rico to celebrate Burger King’s 50th anniversary. As you can see, the Hands-Free Whopper is being introduced as a way to have your burger within your mouth’s range so you can always be one bit away from it.

A promotional video has also been published to show some of the most opportune times the Hands-Free Whopper could be used, such as while ballroom dancing, practicing some karate moves, boxing, or shooting hoops.

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