Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive writes new chapter in storage

Seagate attempts to bury its past failure three years ago by offering a new hybrid drive known as the Momentus XT, where it will merge both the capability of a hard drive as well as Solid State Drive (SSD), hitting up to 500GB of storage space for $155, (with prices starting from $113 upwards) depending on how much data you want to keep inside. The previous attempt by Seagate a good 1,000 plus days ago was focused mainly on energy savings, but the new Momentus XT is all about performance and capacity. This drive is touted to be loaded with special software which will track a person’s use trends, using such data to let the SSD component of the drive to optimize performance. Needless to say, it is capable of adjusting such performance over time with changes in user behavior. When stripped, the Momentus XT is a 7200-rpm serial ATA (SATA) hard-disk drive combined with 4GB of SSD capacity and 32MB of DDR3 cache memory, which Seagate touts offer performance that blows by traditional 7,200-rpm and 10,000-rpm hard-disk drives for read and write speeds, while being able to nearly match pure-SSD performance. This means you can’t just shake your notebook or whatever device using the Momentus XT since there are still moving parts in there which might just crash and burn. Could an amalgamation of technologies like this be the way of the future instead of being split in two camps? You can get the Momentus XT in 250GB, 320GB and the aforementioned 500GB capacities, where each purchase comes with a 5-year warranty.

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