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Rumor: 5TB Seagate hard drives on their way
How large is your most spacious hard drive in your desktop at the moment? 1TB? Well, it seems that the ante is about to be upped by another level as boffins continue their unrelentless march towards improving current technology by walking towards tomorrow. It seems that a Seagate Middle East salesperson was reported to suffer from a case of the “slip of the tongue”, letting out Seagate’s future plans of […]

Toshiba MK01GRRB/R series small form factor hard drive
Toshiba steps to the forefront of news-making headlines yet again by introducing the industry’s highest capacity enterprise small form factor 15k RPM hard drive – in the form of the MK01GRRB/R series. This essentially sees a doubling of capacity where high performance enterprise drives are concerned, in addition to throwing in a self encrypting model that ought to keep a wide spectrum of users happy.

Hitachi crams 1TB into each platter
Hitachi wants to push the boundaries of hard drive storage even further by introducing a new range of hard drives which are capable of stashing away 1TB of data onto individual spinning platters. This new technology enables Hitachi to churn out even slimmer form factors – something that was not quite possible before, and with smaller hard drives, that means less material used to construct it, and this cost savings […]

Apple store accidentally gives customer hard drive with top secret files
Apple seems to have this nasty habit of losing their products – last year with the iPhone 4, and this year they have supposedly misplaced the iPhone 5 (although this has yet to be verified), and now it seems that they accidentally gave away a hard drive full of the Apple Store’s internal file server that is supposedly filled with top secret and confidential documents, and this is how it […]


Western Digital Scorpio Blue packs quite a punch
Western Digital, one of the names that is closely associated with quality storage devices for the computer (desktop or otherwise), is back again with the new WD Scorpio Blue. This is a new 2.5″ mobile hard drive which measures a mere 9.5mm thin, and to sweeten the deal, the Scorpio Blue will feature up to 1TB of storage space, being specially designed for mainstream notebook computers.How is the 1TB storage […]

LaCie Rugged Mini is one tough hard drive
Looking for a portable hard drive that can handle the abuse of being dropped or bumped against a wall – not because you purposely like to throw electronics around, but because you have butter fingers. Well you’re in luck, because they actually make products for people like you! LaCie has just announced a new addition to its lineup of shock- and drop-resistant portable hard drives; the Rugged Mini.

Western Digital WD AV-GP drives now in larger sizes
Western Digital, hard drive manufacturer specialist has added two new models to its WD AV-GP hard drives. Now available in 2.5TB and 3TB, these internal 3.5″ hard drives will enable users to enjoy reliable 24/7 video streaming in IPTV, DVR, Media Center PC and surveillance systems.The WD AV-GP drives are touted to offer 24×7 reliability, low power consumption, and unrivalled storage capacity for storage-intensive AV applications. Basically if you need […]

Samsung S2 Gamers Edition hard drive
OK, so the Samsung S2 portable hard drive has seen quite a fair bit of action in its time, first coming pre-loaded with a Michael Jackson movie, while getting a USB 3.0 update later last year. This time around, Samsung intends to milk this cash cow for all it is worth by offering the Samsung S2 Gamers Edition hard drive, where consumers who decide to pick this up willbe able […]

Secret data stored on hard drives, made easy
Computer scientists have come up with a way to develop software which will be able to stash away highly sensitive data on hard drives – all without requiring the use of any form of encryption. This is made possible by controlling the precise disk locations that will hold the file’s data fragments. The application will be released as a form of open-source software (hooray!), where it will rely on steganography […]

Toshiba updates STOR.E external HDD models
Toshiba might have shut down the LCD assembly line in Japan due to the recent catastrophe, but that doesn’t mean the consumer electronics giant is going to just keel over and be depressed about all that’s happening in their homeland. No sir, Toshiba has instead decided to update their family of STOR.E external hard drives, where the smaller ALU 2S will see a 2.5-inch hard drive inside with up to […]

USB 3.0 to eSATA converter speeds up your data transfer
Just because you have a USB 3.0 connector on your shiny new computer, doesn’t mean that your existing external hard drive supports it. If you happen to be stuck with an eSATA external hard drive and are looking to transfer your files using the speedy USB 3.0 connection, perhaps the USB 3.0 to eSATA converter might be what you’re looking for. This converter is touted to support 206.4MB/sec writing and […]

Toshiba MKxx39GSL 1.8-inch hard drives with LIF SATA connectors
Toshiba is doing a good job of helping us get ample storage space on tiny media players and now the company has introduced its latest microSATA-based 1.8-inch hard drive. The new MKxx39GSL series is available in capacities of 160GB, 200GB and 220GB models and offer low-insertion-force (LIF) SATA connectors, offering a 10 percent smaller footprint compared to standard 1.8-inch drives using microSATA connectors. These drives are also touted to surpass […]

Seagate Slimmest GoFlex Drive Prototype – 9 mm
[CES 2011] CES is all about showing off more performances in smaller packages when it comes to mobility. Seagate is showcasing its thin GoFlex 2.5 inch hard drive prototype, at 9 mm, it is 38%  slimmer  than the current ultra-portable Goflex drives. The product features a USB 3.0 interface that accelerates transfer speeds by 10x over USB 2.0, that’s great for accessing large media files such as HD movies. Compatible […]

Seagate GoFlex Certified Storage System for Third Parties
[CES 2011] Seagate is announcing  Certified  GoFlex Storage System, its certification process to qualify products that will feature GoFlex drive slots, the program  aims to certify both slot-based devices and third-party external storage modules. First introduced in May of 2010, the GoFlex family of products is the first hard drive to offer the ability to use it with multiple interfaces (e.g. USB, eSATA, FireWire), thanks to its interchangeable connectors and […]

Hitachi CinemaStar Drive Family Expands for A/V market
[CES 2011] Storage is always an issue with those who are multimedia buffs, since those kind of files tend to eat up space like nobody’s business. Well, Hitachi certainly knows what they doing with their latest CinemaStar hard drives, targeting the lucrative A/V market with larger capacities. Optimized for the digital video recorder (DVR), IPTV set-top-box (STB), video surveillance and emerging hard drive-embedded TV markets, these two drives are the […]

Seagate Barracuda Green hard drive now available
Seagate has a heart for the environment with their latest Barracuda Green hard drive, where it is the industry’s highest performance eco-friendly 3.5-inch desktop drive that consumes extremely little juice, making it suitable for low-power personal computers, multi-drive home networking systems and external PC storage. Formerly known as the Barracuda LP, the new Barracuda Green will merge the industry’s highest spin speed (5900 RPM) with Seagate’s SmartAlign technology, resulting in […]

Hitachi Launches A Trio Of 3TB Hard Drive Solutions
Hitachi has happily launched a trio of 3TB hard drive solutions, available as internal drive kits, external desktop drives or OEM models for manufacturers and PC system builders. The new Deskstar will be available in capacities of 2TB and 3TB and will offer a 64MB buffer and 6Gb/s SATA interface. The Hitachi XL desktop external drives will be available in capacities of 1TB, 2TB or 3TB and offer USB 2.0 […]

Octave Hard Drive Concept
With Apple’s presence in the marketplace, many manufacturers out there have noted the importance of making their wares look good as well as perform well. Next up is the Octave concept, an elegant looking external hard drive that features a well-ventilated design. The perforated aluminum plate is designed to keep this drive silent and cool. A blue LED indicates the read/write status of the drive while a white LED indicates […]

Slipper-Inspired Hard Drive Case Makes it Easy to Swap Between HDDs
If you own a number of bare hard drives without cases for them and need to access and swap between the drives frequently to access data and don’t need to invest in a case for each hard drive to connect it to your computer, you may want to check out Brando’s slipper-inspired hard drive case. The case essentially turns any internal hard drive you have laying around into an external […]

500GB Delorean Time Machine External Hard Drive
Many of us are in love with the Back To The Future films, and therefore it’s easy to understand the feeling that folks get when they lay their eyes on the 1:18 scale replica of the Delorean Time Machine that features a working 500GB hard drive inside, allowing you to have the coolest external drive on the block. It’ll set you back $250, but that’s probably well worth it for some […]