Hitachi wants to push the boundaries of hard drive storage even further by introducing a new range of hard drives which are capable of stashing away 1TB of data onto individual spinning platters. This new technology enables Hitachi to churn out even slimmer form factors – something that was not quite possible before, and with smaller hard drives, that means less material used to construct it, and this cost savings will hopefully be passed down to consumers.

The new single-platter technology currently ships in the Hitachi Deskstar, Travelstar and CinemaStar ranges, with capacities that start from 250GB and going all the way to 1TB. These higher-capacity platters enabled Hitachi to roll out new 3.5″ wide, 0.27″ thin “z-height” drives which have long been the staple of a wide range of devices, including desktops, TV set top boxes, and notebooks.

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