nokia-here-mapsA couple of months ago it was suggested that Nokia was thinking of selling off its HERE Maps division. One of the groups that reportedly had interest in the technology were the German carmakers who banded together with the plans of purchasing it collectively. Apparently the idea was so that tech companies such as Apple would not hog all of the technology.

Now according to a report from Bloomberg, it has been revealed that Nokia is closer to actually selling it off, and for now it seems that the Finnish company is leaning towards selling it to the German carmakers. However the deal has not been sealed apparently price is still a factor, with Nokia pushing the likes of Audi, BMW, and Daimler to increase their offer.

According to sources, it seems that these companies don’t seem to think that Nokia’s HERE Maps technology is worth the $4 billion that Nokia is apparently asking for, which is actually a hike from what we heard previously where it was valued at $3.2 billion. In the meantime the Finnish company is said to continue entertaining bids from other companies.

In the past we have heard how companies such as Uber and China’s Baidu were planning to make bids of their own. Nokia had also reportedly courted companies like Apple and Facebook to purchase their technology, but recently stated that unless they get the right price, they’ll continue to hold out and might not end up selling it at all.

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