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Nokia In No Hurry To Sell Of HERE Mapping Service
Ever since the reports came out that Nokia was interested in selling off its HERE Maps division, there have been plenty of rumors that have followed. These rumors consist of who might be interested in buying the company and so far we have heard big names such as Microsoft, Uber, and even Apple and Google’s names were mention.That being said if you are thinking that we might have the official […]

HERE Maps Gets Worldwide Update
Nokia’s HERE Maps is certainly a force to be reckoned with – basically, being one of the major rivals to Google Maps when it comes to finding one’s way around, especially in unfamiliar territory. After all, one of the major advantages that Nokia’s HERE Maps have had for a long time would be its ability to navigate without the need for an Internet connection – useful stuff, especially when you […]

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses To Incorporate Nokia HERE Maps
Vuzix, one of the leading suppliers of video eyewear and smart glasses products where the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets are concerned, have just announced that it has signed up with HERE regarding a licensing agreement , where the latter happens to be a leader in mapping, navigation and location experiences. The gist of the agreement? In order to have Vuzix smart glasses incorporate maps and location platform services from […]

HERE Maps Downloaded 2.5 Million Times Via Google Play Store
If there is one major advantage about HERE Maps, it would be this – you can use it even if your device is offline, which means having maps of foreign countries pre-loaded onto a compatible device so that you can find your way around – all without having to rely on exorbitant roaming data fees charged by your mobile carrier back home, unless you’re tied down to a particular Uncarrier, […]


Baidu And Nokia Agree To Have HERE Power Its Map Services
I am quite sure that many of us are familiar with HERE, which so happens to be the mapping brand from Nokia that makes it a snap to find your way around without having to rely on a data connection since whatever has been pre-loaded earlier on stays there, making it useful whenever you head out in a foreign country and would not want to be greeted by any form […]

Nokia HERE To Continue Powering Windows Phone
Ah, there is nothing quite like an official statement made or issued to debunk whatever rumors that are floating out there, no matter how plausible they might sound in the first place. There has been a fair number of rumors making their rounds, citing that Nokia will no longer support its HERE maps on the Windows Phone platform. Thankfully, a Nokia spokesman mentioned that “HERE is powering Windows Phone and […]

HERE Makes Taking Trains In Germany A Whole Lot Easier
Nokia has just introduced an update to their HERE Maps which will include a slew of train and transit information from Deutsche Bahn. Deutsche Bahn happens to be the German rail company, just like what JR is in Japan. Thanks to this latest Maps update, one will be able to plan out their train journeys in an easier manner, and the kinds of trains that will be part of the […]

Nokia HERE Maps Arrive On Android
It was just yesterday when we talked about how Samsung’s Gear smartwatch range would be able to take advantage of Nokia’s HERE services, and here we are with another interesting news update that will surely have Samsung smartphone owners sit up and take notice – even if you do not own a Samsung smartwatch from the Gear family. I am referring to the official announcement from Nokia concerning HERE Maps […]

HERE Services To Arrive On Samsung Gear Smartwatch Range
Nokia, having sold their famous mobile phone division to Microsoft earlier this year, did not throw in their in-house HERE mapping business as part of the deal. Hence, it is not surprising to hear that the Finnish company has decided to tease the masses with an upcoming announcement that does seem to point in the general direction where HERE services will make its way over to Samsung’s range of Gear […]