nokia-here-mapsEver since the reports came out that Nokia was interested in selling off its HERE Maps division, there have been plenty of rumors that have followed. These rumors consist of who might be interested in buying the company and so far we have heard big names such as Microsoft, Uber, and even Apple and Google’s names were mention.

That being said if you are thinking that we might have the official word on who might own Nokia’s HERE Maps anytime soon, you could be disappointed. Speaking in a trade magazine interview, Nokia’s CEO revealed that the company is in no hurry to sell of its HERE Maps division. Apparently the company is still waiting for the right bid.

According to the company’s CEO Rajeev Suri, “Let’s give it more time…We may not end up selling it if we don’t get the right value. It has to be a good competitive deal for Nokia and our shareholders.” Unsurprisingly Suri declined to comment on how were the bidders, but he did state that the unit had managed to attract significant interest.

Suri also added that the quality of the bids was better than expected. Previously we had heard that Nokia have valued the division at $3.2 billion, a pretty huge drop compared to when they purchased it at $8.1 billion in 2008, so it is understandable that Nokia might want to minimize their losses as much as possible.

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