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Hackers In Philly Offer To Rebuild The hitchBOT
Earlier we heard rather unfortunate news, which is that the Canadian built hitchBOT despite lasting for months and making its way across Canada and parts of Europe met its demise two weeks in its trip to the US, where a vandal in Philadelphia basically destroyed it, essentially concluding its trip across the US and possibly the world.However the good news is that it might not be the end. While the […]

Hitchhiking Robot Vandalized In Just Two Weeks In The U.S.
Sure hitchBOT the hitchhiking robot made its way across Canada but it didn’t have the same luck in the United States, barely two weeks after it set out to see the entire country hitchBOT’s journey has come to an end. It’s not because the robot was not up to the task, it’s become the poor robot was vandalized by humans. As hitchBOT said on its Twitter account “sometimes bad things happen […]

HitchBOT Completes Journey Successfully
It looks like all good things must come to an end, and where the hitchBOT is concerned, the same applies as well. We have followed the hitchBOT’s adventures even all the way to its halfway mark, and we are glad to say that it has completed its epic (for a robot, anyways) hitchhiking journey safe and sound.

HitchBOT Has Completed Half Its Mission Already
Hitchhiking used to be fun back in the day when society was a whole lot more decent and less depraved, and a murder or kidnapping case would have made national headlines. These days, however, you would require a whole lot of intestinal fortitude if you were to hitchhike your way, even more so if you are alone. However, this is one instance where sending a robot to do a human’s […]


hitchBOT Starts To Make Its Way Across Canada
Hitchhiking used to be something that is safe to do, many, many years ago, before there were psychos and crazy folks going around who decided that a human life was not worth a mite, and ending up with a murder case for the authorities to pursue. Well, you can’t “murder” a robot technically speaking, so the hitchBOT should not have any fear of being “terminated”, so to speak.