hitchbotHitchhiking used to be something that is safe to do, many, many years ago, before there were psychos and crazy folks going around who decided that a human life was not worth a mite, and ending up with a murder case for the authorities to pursue. Well, you can’t “murder” a robot technically speaking, so the hitchBOT should not have any fear of being “terminated”, so to speak.


The hitchBOT has launched out on its great adventure throughout the Great White North today, and we bid it godspeed, hoping that it will be able to achieve its goal of hitchhiking its way across Canada. hitchBOT is the brainchild of a McMaster University professor and a team of researchers, where it will definitely require a very human element to make its quest a success, that is, to rely totally on the kindness of strangers in order to make its way from Halifax to Victoria, with one and only one goal – to make friends while it is at it.

Boasting story telling capabilities, hitchBOT is also capable of collecting stories that it hears along the way. Who knows? If it be successful, it might even be able to author a memoir of its adventures and end up as a best selling author in the process.

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