hitchbotHitchhiking used to be fun back in the day when society was a whole lot more decent and less depraved, and a murder or kidnapping case would have made national headlines. These days, however, you would require a whole lot of intestinal fortitude if you were to hitchhike your way, even more so if you are alone. However, this is one instance where sending a robot to do a human’s task is worth exploring, and I am referring to the HitchBOT, whose main objective is to hitchhike its way across a 6,000-kilometer journey.

It all began in Nova Scotia on July 26, where HitchBOT has since managed to camp over at New Brunswick’s Kouchibouguac National Park, not to mention making an appearance at a First Nations powwow on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, even making its way to a wedding in Golden, B.C.

So far, the HitchBOT has remained unharmed, perhaps partly because it is a novelty, not to mention you aren’t going to be able to extort it for money in the first place anyways unless you are in serious need of some circuit boards and the like. The HitchBOT has managed to keep the many interested in its adventures through social media updates via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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