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Hotel Tried To Fine Guests $500 Per Negative Online Review
Is it me, or is this some time in the Middle Ages? New York’s Union Street Guest House is certainly one that stands out from the crowd, not because of its price, its location, and definitely not for its service, but for the bad press that it has started to receive after word broke out that this hotel sports a policy on its website that will give the hotel leeway […]

China Space Capsule Hotel Has Robots On Its Payroll
When you go to a hotel, apart from its convenience, facilities and pricing, what is the one thing (or perhaps you can think of a couple more) that would help set it apart from the rest? Obviously, the kind of service which you receive would play a very large role here. The thing is, what if robots were the ones serving you? This is what a Space Capsule hotel in […]

Twitter-Powered Hotel Encourages Visitors To Tweet Their Experience
When you’re visiting somewhere either on vacation or business, we’re sure you can’t help but to tweet or publish a status update talking about where you are and your experience there. Not only do we want to share our experience, but deep down, we also like to secretly brag to our friends and family where we are, and where they aren’t. Now there’s a hotel that specifically wants you to […]

Sol Wave House A Twitter Experience Hotel
Hotels and technology have always jived well together, as we have seen our fair share of instances in the past, where Hotel Bel-Air has iPads in guest rooms so that guests are able to place room service orders, or how about the Kinect Hotel Room that targets gaming enthusiasts? No prizes for guessing just which console that hotel is partial to, though. Well, with Twitter having turned 7 years old […]

Advertising launches Deals Facebook app, combines travel booking and social networking
If finding the right hotel is a problem for you, has recently launched a new Facebook app that will allow users to view the most frequented places within their network. The Deals Facebook app, as it is called, does this by incorporating social recommendations into the travel booking process. combines its collection of more than 150,000 hotels with your friends’ top destinations to find the perfect place for […]

Renaissance Pittsburgh bans phones from premises
If you want to get away from it all, you need not travel all the way to the Himalayas and seek out a zen guru sitting at the mountaintop amidst the chilling cold. No sir, all you need to do is make your way to Marriott’s Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel that has a weekend package available to those who want to unplug from the rest of the world and recharge their […]

DirecTV germ-free remote controls for hotel rooms
We all know that hotel staff do their best to clean up the rooms after every guest checks out, but there’s still quite a large number of people who are worried about its cleanliness when checking in to a hotel. The folks over at DirectTV recognize this issue and are working on solving the problem. The company has announced that its new Residential Experience service will change bring the home […]

iPads in every room at the Plaza Hotel
If staying at the Plaza Hotel in New York isn’t a treat enough for you, you’ll be happy to hear that the hotel has added iPads in all guest rooms. While the iPad is a great entertainment device, it serves a dual purpose here as it’s bundled with a custom app, allowing guests to control the lights in the room, change the heating settings, order room service, make restaurant reservations, […]

NFC Phones Replace Hotel Room Keys In Sweden
NFC technology is definitely useful and we still have dreams of a NFC-supporting iPhone sometime in the future. Now the Clarion Hotel over in Stockholm is running a pilot program, allowing visitors to check in and collect their room key without having to talk to the receptionist. All you’ll need is an NFC-supporting phone, and you’ll be able to download the relevant information into phone and check yourself in. The […]

Danish Hotel Lets You Pedal For A Free Meal
Do you always use the gym in the hotel you’re staying at to keep fit? The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen is trying to offer you more incentive to exercise, as the hotel has hooked up a few exercise bikes to a generator. Guests who are interested can pedal for about fifteen minutes, generating 10Wh of electricity, and earning themselves a $36 meal voucher. Just to keep in touch with […]