WOHA, an architecture studio, has designed the Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel in Singapore, aiming to create a “garden hotel” that integrates nature into its structure. The hotel features garden terraces with different themes – beach, garden, and cloud – cut into its rectangular form.

These terraces are surrounded by guest rooms in six-storey blocks, creating a distinctive and nature-focused design. The building includes three stacks of boutique-scale hotels within one structure, separated by sky terraces that house different garden themes.

Green columns support the open corners of the terraces, contributing to the hotel’s greenery and biodiversity. These columns anchor each terrace and visually connect the different levels of the building. WOHA states that the building replaces 200% of its site area with greenery, emphasizing the incorporation of nature into the urban environment.

The terraces serve a dual purpose by providing passive cooling in Singapore’s humid climate. The sheltered outdoor spaces are designed to cross-ventilate the interiors, offering a comfortable environment for guests.

The Beach Terrace includes a winding lagoon and sandy beach. (Image: Darren Soh)

Mirror roofs above the terraces reflect the green outdoor spaces, making them visible from the street while providing a cooling effect. (Image: Darren Soh)

The hotel’s design also considers Singapore’s equatorial climate, where warm, humid air, low wind speeds, and frequent heavy rainfall present challenges for fully outdoor events. The architecture includes plaza steps leading to a public outdoor space with water features and trees, offering a retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The Garden Terrace is characterized by a lawn and well-tended gardens. (Image: Darren Soh)

The Cloud Terrace serves as a venue for events. (Image: Darren Soh)

Each terrace has its own unique features – Beach Terrace on the fifth floor includes a curving lagoon and sandy beach, Garden Terrace on the 11th floor features a bar, lounge space, manicured gardens, a lawn, and reflection pools, while Cloud Terrace on the 18th floor serves as an events plaza surrounded by a 400-seat ballroom and topped with photovoltaic panels.

The interior finishes of the hotel rooms are designed to reflect the theme of the terrace they overlook, incorporating materials and colors that align with the beach, garden, or cloud themes. Overall, the Pan Pacific Orchard hotel showcases an innovative approach to hotel design, seamlessly blending architecture with nature to create a unique and sustainable hospitality experience.

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