If finding the right hotel is a problem for you, Hotels.com has recently launched a new Facebook app that will allow users to view the most frequented places within their network. The Deals Facebook app, as it is called, does this by incorporating social recommendations into the travel booking process. Hotels.com combines its collection of more than 150,000 hotels with your friends’ top destinations to find the perfect place for you to stay. Essentially, the app will show you the top destinations of your friends on Facebook (given that they use the app of course), and it will also allow you to save all your desired destinations into a “Wish List”.

“We at Hotels.com are pioneering a new approach to social recommendation and discovery on the Facebook Platform,” said Nigel Pocklington, CMO, Hotels.com worldwide. “This application and the algorithm behind it, surfaces friends’ popular destinations and matches that with great hotel deals. This creates a powerful social context that will drive travel recommendations and enable users to find their ideal destination.” You can get the app here.

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