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Official Hotmail app finally on Android
While most Android users are using Gmail as their default email client, there are still a number of people out there who still use Hotmail, but they’ve had no way to check it beyond using some third party app or via the web browser. Well, it looks like things have changed. Microsoft has finally released the official Hotmail app for Android devices. While it’s still very new and missing a […]

Microsoft Hotmail, Office 365 and Live knocked out, restored
When everything is running fine and dandy, you feel as though you are king of the world, but throw a spanner in the works and things start to end up being horrendous – even more so in the tech world, where each mistake is viewed under a microscope. A corporation as large as Microsoft suffered quite the boo-boo today as their Hotmail, Office 365, and Live services were knocked out […]

Developers can now integrate Hotmail across Android and iOS platforms
If you’re still hanging on to your Hotmail accounts from back in the day, or perhaps you’re a Microsoft Live user, then you will be pleased to know that Microsoft is providing app developers the tools that will make integration with your smartphone possible.

Hotmail to roll out new features to combat spam and account hacking
You have probably received weird sounding emails from your friends before, and for those who us who are more suspicious in nature, we think “spam” and don’t bother opening it. Spam and account hacking is not new when it comes to public hosted emails from Hotmail, Yahoo and even Gmail has not been exempt from said malicious activities. This is probably due to the clicking of links with misleading titles […]


Russia Federal Security Service to ban Skype, Hotmail and Gmail?
In the latest case of paranoia in the government, it appears that Russia has now caught the bug. The Russian Security service has been reported to have called for a ban on Skype, Hotmail and Gmail citing those services as a possible threat to national security. Apparently because the Federal Security Service has no access to the data on these servers that are hosted out of the country, they can’t […]

Hotmail to offer disposable email addresses
Microsoft has just announced that they will be offering temporary email addresses to their Hotmail users. Targeted at subscribers who need an email address just to sign up for a forum or some online service temporarily, this service will allow them to create a sub-address with their existing account. Users will be able to create up to 5 new email addresses per year. Any messages sent to these temporary addresses […]

Mystery of disappearing Hotmail emails explained
We recently mentioned that many Hotmail users had their emails disappear over the New Year and now Microsoft has given an official explanation to the situation on the Windows Team Blog. Apparently the issue was caused by an error with an automated script that Microsoft uses to test the service for errors in daily usage. The script is generally supposed to clean up after itself after creating test accounts, but […]

Hotmail users' emails disappear over the New Year
This probably isn’t the scenario that many Hotmail users wanted to wake up to in 2011, but reports are in that many Hotmail users have discovered that their emails have disappeared from their accounts, while some more severe cases include entire Hotmail accounts being deleted without any prior warning. The good news is that Microsoft’s Windows Live team is already aware of the issue and is looking into a fix […]

Microsoft Improves Hotmail Security With Mobile Phone Authentication
In a move that is similar to Google’s recent increase in security for Gmail, Microsoft has introduced a new security feature to Hotmail that makes it harder to hijack accounts and making it easier for users to recover their accounts in the event it is hijacked. The new system allows users to register a mobile phone number that a secret code can be sent to via SMS in order to […]

Hotmail to become hot again
Hotmail has not had a major upgrade in years, but this is about to change. This morning, I had a peek at the new version of Microsoft Hotmail that will be made public this summer (July/August) and it comes with a number of improvements that makes web email nicer to use, but also much more efficient in some ways.Hotmail will become smart enough to present data in a much more […]

Hotmail Push Email For Mobile Phones Via ActiveSync On Its Way
While Google’s Gmail service is enjoying quite a bit of success recently, Microsoft doesn’t plan to let the search engine giant run off with the webmail crown just yet. Word is that Microsoft is planning to introduce Hotmail push email support via Exchange ActiveSync, which is available on a good 300 million phones. With that in place, you’ll be able to synchronize the email between your phone and the web, […]

Facebook Email Coming?
Could Facebook and Google become competitors soon? Aside from getting a new facelift to commemorate its 6th birthday, a recent report hints that Facebook might be gearing up to provide its own full webmail service, which will obviously have to take on the giants such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail. If the report is accurate, the webmail service will make use of your Facebook vanity URL, so if your […]