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Major Email Services Experience Huge Data Breach Due To Hack
If you are using one of the major email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail, you might want to consider updating your profile and password because according to a report from Reuters, it seems that these platforms have recently experienced a massive data breach due to a hack.

Microsoft Makes Changes To Policy After Hotmail Snooping Criticism
It was recently revealed in a court filing that Microsoft had accessed a blogger’s Hotmail account as part of an investigation against an employee suspected of having leaked confidential Microsoft property. The blogger received a tip from a former Microsoft employee Alex Kibkalo, who shared pre-release Windows 8 RT source code, among other confidential items. Microsoft found out about the leak and accessed the blogger’s Hotmail account to see if […]

Google Denies Allegations Of Gmail Snooping To Weed Out Leaker
Microsoft recently admitted that it went through a blogger’s Hotmail account to collect evidence of a leak by an employee. The proof led to the arrest of Alex Kibkalo, a former Microsoft employee who leaked Windows 8 files and Microsoft Activation Server Software Developer Kit to a French blogger. Microsoft was well within its rights to access the account, even though it may border on violation of privacy. The company’s privacy […] Transfer Geeks Out At 150 Petabytes
Microsoft has recently finished one major task that it had on its to-do list, that is, to transfer the entire shebang of users of its Hotmail email service to the new site, and this is no mean feat. Sure, you can make Skype calls straight from your inbox now, but that is besides the point.The entire exercise that Microsoft embarked on during this massive transfer consumed a whole […]


Microsoft Completes Shifting Hotmail Users To, Now Has 400 Million Accounts
Microsoft announced today that it has completed the process of shifting Hotmail customers to In a little more than six weeks the company has transferred some 150 petabytes of email data safely and securely to its new email service. Today they’ve also announced a couple of new features for, these include the improved integration of SkyDrive and SMTP send, which will make it easier for users to send emails from […]

Microsoft Explains Reason Behind Outlook And Hotmail Outage
Yesterday, we brought you word on how Microsoft’s online services suffered from an outage, with the service experiencing issues that spanned a total of 16 hours thereabouts, and it is nice to hear what went wrong. No, it is not because of a ghost in the shell, and neither are there gremlins in the system, but rather, it was due to a botched firmware upgrade at the company’s datacenter. […]

Microsoft Services Interruption
Microsoft services such as SkyDrive, Hotmail and Outlook have been inaccessible for hours due to the ongoing migration process. Hotmail users might not be able to see all the emails and the issue has not been resolved. This has caused a massive backlash by frustrated users on Twitter #hotmail.On Mar 12 at 3:41PM PDT, SkyDrive experienced issues with adding, editing and removing files. Users also received errors while publishing content […] And Hotmail Services Restored
I am not quite sure about you, but some folks did experience an outage when it came to Hotmail as well as services earlier yesterday morning, where these affected users of Microsoft’s recently revamped email service were unable to hook up to their accounts. Of course, there were instances of frazzled nerves for sure, especially when it involves some assignments that needed to be sent in or received […]

Microsoft Outlook Arrives To Hotmail’s Demise
A quick show of hands here – how many of you actually still have a Hotmail account, and are you still maintaining it, or is it full of spam? Well, after months of testing out in beta, Microsoft has finally deemed it fit to open up their new Web mail service to the masses. Apart from that, the Hotmail brand name which has been in service for so long, […]

Hotmail Users Switched To Still Missing Emails Since October
In July 2012, Microsoft announced they would be replacing its Hotmail service with a new webmail version of Microsoft Outlook. The launch apparently went well for the coming months as the company announced it reached one million users using the service within 24 hours as well as surpassing 10 million users. But it seems all is not well in the land of as users are reporting their old emails have been missing […]

Gmail is the most popular webmail in the world according to ComScore report
While other webmail services such as Yahoo and Hotmail are still being used, we guess to a certain extent it is almost expected that everyone has a Gmail email address. After all with Google offering users 1GB of storage when they first launched, there was a massive difference in storage space compared to Yahoo and Hotmail back then which we guess helped Google to gain some ground. Now thanks to […]

Gmail dethrones Hotmail as the world's largest email service
Google announced today via its official blog that Gmail now has more than 425 million active users around the world – a gargantuan feat considering its humble beginnings as a beta release in April 2004. Google’s announcement today means that Gmail is now the word’s largest email service, blowing past Microsoft’s Hotmail for the first time. Yahoo Mail used to be the king of email services. But both Hotmail and […]

Newmail is Hotmail rebooted
Gmail certainly laid the smack down on the rest of the free email competitors when it was first introduced alongside the amount of storage space which is said to be virtually impossible to fill up. I guess impossible is not the word to use here, as it did not take too long before Google announced that they will be increasing the amount of storage space for Gmail users, and this […]

Hotmail password bug fixed
Microsoft has been swift to work on a fix for the Hotmail password bug which if left untreated, would have enabled a hacker to reset the password for a Hotmail account, locking out the account’s owner in the process while offering the attacker full access to the Inbox. This fix was rushed out because the bug had started to be a genuine threat, and actively exploited online in recent times. […]