Sometimes waiting for your food to microwave could take a while, especially if you use it to defrost, so how about watching some videos while waiting for the microwave to finish? A group of students at the University of Pennsylvania have come up with such a hack for your microwave oven. Called the μWave, it combines an Arduino with a TouchPad that has been taped to the microwave door.

Basically what it does is that this contraption will search YouTube for videos that perfectly match the time it takes to microwave your food. For example if the packaging states that you will need to microwave it for 1 minute and 13 seconds, the μWave will then search YouTube for a highly rated video that’s 1 minute 13 seconds, allowing you to watch a video clip that’s as long as it would take to microwave your food.

It’s a bit of a novelty but hey, might as well put those couple of seconds or minutes to use, right? It’s unlikely that the μWave will be commercialized but kudos to the students at the University of Pennsylvania anyway for their innovativeness.

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