On the official HP Palm blog today, it was announced that the webOS App Catalog now has a thousand HP TouchPad-optimized apps available (the app store already has thousands of apps, but they aren’t all developed specifically for the tablet). The thousandth app on the App Catalog? Gun Bros, a free to play 3rd person shooter. And just like the company has been doing over the past few weeks, this week is no exception and HP Palm has a new bunch of promo codes to give out to TouchPad users for free app redemption.

Available this week is Incredible! – “a social media swiss-army-knife of an app that’s been getting, well, incredible reviews.” The blog also recommends a bunch of free apps for users to check out: Paper Mache, an app for Instapaper subscribers to help them save web pages and optimizes them for offline reading; Paper Basketball, a paper tossing game; Rock-Paper-Scissors and Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, a Big Bang Theory-inspired game; and 7digital MP# Music, an online store for purchasing music.

If you want to redeem Incredible! for free, here are the promo codes:

US:          msmog32853nxxsp

Canada:    nyyin38216ixtai

UK:          xilgt13297ewhoe

Ireland:     bfsdu68709wikef

Hurry, or you might miss out!

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