HP TouchPad Go

Now we have some potentially good news for folks who didn’t manage to pick up the HP ToucPad after HP decided to slash its price to $99 – there is a chance that you might be able to pick up the TouchPad’s smaller brother – the TouchPad Go. According to reports online, it appears that the 7″ webOS tablet has paid a visit to the office of the FCC and gotten the stamp of approval. Now this isn’t the first time that the TouchPad Go has visited the FCC, so it shows that HP has actually made some changes to the device – but why would you make change to a tablet after you announce its cancellation? Unless you’ve got plans to put it up for sale.

Now of course, that’s just being a bit optimistic about the whole situation. After all, it could just be a case of HP forgetting to inform the FCC that the tablet was discontinued, or it could be that HP didn’t care at all. With no official announcement from the company, it’s hard to say what’s going to happen – but until then, don’t hold your breath. It’s okay to keep those fingers crossed though; HP is capable of surprises after all.

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