High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC) is a Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets. The company started as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) that was building devices for others, but went on making HTC-branded smartphones based mostly on Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) for mobile. In 2009, it began to shift its core focus away from Windows mobile devices to Android-based ones. In 2010 the company went back to the Windows Phone eco-system.

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HTC’s Sales Dropped By 68% In The Month Of June
The HTC U12+ was recently launched and in our review, we gave the handset a pretty good score. There were many things we liked about the phone, but unfortunately it seems that maybe not everyone did. According to a report from Reuters, it seems that HTC has experienced a sharp dip in sales for the month of June.

HTC Lays Off 1,500 Employees To Cut Costs
Things haven’t really been looking up for HTC in the past few years. The company has been bleeding money and even though it has made sincere efforts to turn things around, they haven’t really paid off. To that end, HTC today announced that it’s going to lay off an additional 1,500 employees from its manufacturing division in Taiwan to cut costs and try and restore the company to profitability.

HTC U12+ Review
The HTC U12+ was unveiled on May 23rd 2018 and was initially built for the High-end market. At publishing time, the HTC U12+ was priced at $799 USD. As such, it will compete with the best handsets available today, regardless of their prices (most likely on the subsidized market). We will update this article when we get the retail unit which will be suitable for benchmarks and final photo tests. For […]

HTC U12+ For The US Won’t Include Headphone Adapter
Given how we’re seeing more smartphone manufacturers drop the 3.5mm headphone jack, it’s not a surprise that the HTC U12+ has also done away with it as well. However what we’ve seen some companies do is throw in a dongle/adapter that lets users connect existing headphones via the micro USB/USB-C/Lightning port as an alternative.


HTC Exodus Is A Blockchain-Powered Smartphone
Cryptocurrency is a big thing, so much so that we’re starting to see many mainstream tech companies get into it. Take for example Facebook who according to the latest rumors, might be developing their own cryptocurrency. Now it looks like HTC wants in on it as well and have teased an upcoming smartphone called the HTC Exodus.

HTC Vive Pro ReviewEditor's Pick
The HTC VIVE Pro has landed and brings significant improvements in key areas such as display resolution and general ergonomic improvements, two hot items in the wish list of any VR enthusiast. In this review, we will go over the new features, and assess their quality, and value, for different user profiles. Is the HTC VIVE Pro right for you? Read this before getting one.

HTC’s Next Flagship Confirmed For May 23 Reveal
HTC typically unveils their flagships in the early part of the year, but for some reason the company seems to be taking slightly longer than expected. However there is some good news for fans of the company’s products and that is you won’t have to wait much longer to find out what HTC is up to.

FTC Warns Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo Over Illegal Warranty Stickers
Last month we reported that the FTC had announced that those “warranty if removed” stickers you sometimes find on gadgets are actually illegal. This isn’t based on a new ruling or recently passed law, but rather it is based on the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that the FTC is just reminding companies about.

Alleged HTC U12+ Retail Box Leaked, Reveals Possible Specs
According to the rumors, HTC’s next flagship smartphone is said to be the HTC U12+. Specs of the handset have been floating about for a while now, and for the most part it’s not particularly surprising given that the phone is meant to be a flagship handset. Now thanks to a leaked image of what appears to be the retail box for the phone, those specs can be “confirmed”.

HTC U12 Life Could Be Getting A Notched Design
While recent rumors are suggesting that the HTC U12+ might be HTC’s only flagship smartphone for 2018, it doesn’t mean that HTC won’t crank out low or mid-rangers as well. In fact we might have an idea of what the HTC U12 Life could look like, thanks to a recent tweet by Evan Blass.

HTC U12+ Might Be HTC’s Only Flagship Phone For 2018
We have been hearing rumors that HTC has a new flagship phone in the works in the form of the HTC U12+. We suppose this makes sense since the company has yet to launch a flagship for 2018, but it seems that the HTC U12+ might be the only flagship phone to come from the company this year.

Standalone HTC Vive Focus Headset Will Be Released Outside China Soon
HTC’s virtual reality division launched the Vive Focus standalone virtual reality headset in November last year. The company said at that time that it’s only going to release the headset in China. It’s now ready to release it in other markets, though. HTC has confirmed at the Game Developers Conference 2018 in San Francisco that it will soon release the standalone Vive Focus VR headset in markets outside China.

HTC Quietly Introduces An Upgraded Vive Tracker
Just the other day HTC started to take pre-orders for its HTC Vive Pro virtual reality (VR) headset. The device was announced earlier this year and now it is finally available for pre-order. However it seems that in addition to taking pre-orders for the headset, HTC has also quietly introduced an upgraded Vive Tracker.

HTC Desire 12 And Desire 12+ Refreshed With 18:9 Display
The “tall” or 18:9 aspect ratio display trend is picking up after it was first adopted by OEMs for their flagship smartphones so it’s not surprising to see that HTC has adopted it for its mid-range Desire 12 and Desire 12+ handsets. Both mid-range devices have been refreshed with 18:9 aspect ratio displays and more powerful internals.