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Apple Might Be Working On Major iBooks Redesign
Apple has been quiet in the digital book market ever since it was hit with a $450 million fine in 2016. Selling e-books used to be a key part of Apple’s services business but after the company and several publishers were sued by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2012 for allegedly developing a scheme to raise the price of e-books, Apple got hit with a fine and retreated. It […]

George R.R. Martin & Apple Launch Interactive Game Of Thrones Book
There are obvious and clear benefits to ebooks, such as it being more environmentally-friendly, it doesn’t take up physical space, and it can also be interactive. The good news for fans of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones books is that the author has announced that together with Apple, they will be launching an interactive version of A Game of Thrones book.

Apple iBooks Settlement Arrives This Week
Apple fought the iBooks price fixing case for a long time before finally deciding to settle. It has set up a $400 million settlement fund to compensate consumers who were impacted by this entire issue. The Apple iBooks settlement amount will be sent out this week in the form of store credit or cheques for up to $6.83 per e-book, this according to the law firm that represented the plaintiffs.

Chinese Government Blocks iTunes Movies & iBooks Stores
Thinking of running a tech business in China? Chances are you will be faced with a host of limitations, from games having to be censored, graphics changed to avoid certain imagery, apps blocked, movies restricted/censored, and so on. Just ask Google who pulled their Play Store out of China (although there are rumors that they want to make a comeback).


Digitally Enhanced Harry Potter Books Exclusive To Apple
If you’re a Harry Potter fan without an Apple device then perhaps today’s announcement is going to make you run out and get one, digitally enhanced versions of all seven Harry Potter books have been released today and they’re exclusive to Apple. They will only be available for download via the company’s iBooks Store which works across its desktop and mobile devices. These books feature interactive animations and custom covers as […]

Apple Reportedly Acquires BookLamp, The Pandora Of E-Books
With the launch of iBooks several years ago and with the huge lawsuit that Apple has faced over price fixing for its e-books, it’s safe to say that this is an area that Apple is interested in. Well it looks like the iBooks ecosystem could be getting a boost, thanks to Apple’s acquisition of a company called BookLamp.If you’re not familiar with BookLamp, it is basically a service that some […]

iBooks For Your Friends As A Gift
‘Tis the season for giving, ain’t it? If that is the case, then you might as well check out the upgraded ability of the iBooks apps for iOS 7, where Apple now allows you to purchase iBooks for someone else via its gifting system. Hmmm, someone had better come up with some sort of virtual Christmas tree so that the recipient will be able to open up all of the […]

Apple Patents Method For Gifting iBooks
In real-life, one is able to gift friends and family just about anything, such as albums, clothing, toys, gadgets, books, and etc., but online is a different story, at least as far as digital content is concerned. As it stands in the iTunes Store, users will be able to gift things such as songs, apps, and videos, but oddly enough the option to gift iBooks has not yet been included, […]

Apple granted patent for page curling animation used in iBooks
Whether you love or hate the skeumorphic design employed in the iBooks app on Apple’s iOS devices, you have to admit that the somewhat realistic effect of the turning pages is quite a pretty one. Well it seems that if you were hoping to see what effect employed on other non-iOS devices in the future, you might not be able to as Apple has been granted a patent for the […]

350,000 iBooks textbooks reportedly downloaded in 3 days
If you thought Apple’s recent foray into the education world with iBooks textbooks was a great idea, you’re right. According to Global Equities Research, which monitors Apple’s iBook sales via a proprietary tracking system – over 350,000 textbooks have been downloaded within the first three days since they were made available. Global Equities Research has also reported around 90,000 downloads of iBooks Author in the same time period as well.While […]

iBooks Author and iTunes U released
In addition to the release of iBooks 2, Apple also announced the launch of iBooks Author – a free app downloadable from the Mac App Store that lets anybody easily create textbooks suitable for the iBooks App. GarageBand for iBooks? Sure sounds like it. While I haven’t given iBooks Author a spin, it is supposed to be easy to use and powerful. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a thing […]

iBooks 2 for iPad unveiled
It looks like these week’s rumors about Apple’s education were right on the dot. Apple announced today the launch of iBooks 2 for iPad – which introduces the support for iPad textbooks. iBooks textbooks are said to offer iPad users “gorgeous, fullscreen textbooks with interactive animations, diagrams, photos, videos, unrivaled navigation and much more. iBooks textbooks can be kept up to date, don’t weigh down a backpack and never have […]

Starbucks expands "Pick of the week" to include TV shows and iBooks
About a week ago we reported that Starbucks had recently revamped their “Pick of the week” promotion, and instead of giving their patrons a free card that would allow them to redeem a free song, they instead changed it to a free app of the week. For music aficionados this was probably a little disappointing, but it appears that Starbucks is further expanding their offering.

iPubsoft removes DRM from your ebooks
Digital rights management (DRM) was one of the methods introduced in order to help combat the piracy of digital media, such as ebooks and MP3s. Unfortunately DRM also limits how you go about sharing your files, which can be troublesome if you were hoping to transfer them to another medium or to a new computer. In a way it acts as a double-edged sword.