About a week ago we reported that Starbucks had recently revamped their “Pick of the week” promotion, and instead of giving their patrons a free card that would allow them to redeem a free song, they instead changed it to a free app of the week. For music aficionados this was probably a little disappointing, but it appears that Starbucks is further expanding their offering.

Now it seems that the “Pick of the week” is not just limited to applications (which was Shazam Encore last week), but has extended to iBooks and television show downloads. As far as the television shows are concerned, users will be able to download the full episode, but when it comes to iBooks, unfortunately you will not be able to get the entire book for free.

Instead users will be given “extended samples”, which is basically a longer version of the excerpts offered by iBookstore. As to exactly how “extended” these samples are depends on both the book and publisher. So what do you guys think? Is the music download still a lot more favorable or will the variety be more appealing to you?

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