Is The Red Dot On The iPad Advert A Camera?

Despite the Apple site not mentioning anything about a built-in camera for the iPad, the camera rumors (and conspiracy theories) just won’t seem to die off. Now some folks have noticed that there is a tiny red dot in the latest iPad advertisement, at the 2-3 second period when the user fiddles with the iBooks app, you’ll notice that there is a tiny faint red dot at the top of the iPad. Of course, that’s far from a confirmation of a camera, and some folks are speculating that it’s an ambient light sensor. What do you think? Of course, if it were an ambient light sensor, which could be what has been crammed into the mysterious slot in the iPad’s bezel, then where would they put the camera in the future? In the end, the main question is: who in the world would be looking that closelyat the ad in order to notice such a tiny detail? Video after the jump.

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