Jabra-Elite-sport-earbuds-01Headphones were designed to do one thing, and that is transmit audio. However these days with there being so many devices for separate activities, it can be overwhelming, which means if you wanted music and track your fitness at the same time, you’d have to have your smartphone, your headphones, and a fitness tracker.

However the good folks at Jabra have decided to condense that into a single device, or a pair of devices in the form of the Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds. Unlike regular earbuds, these actually come with fitness tracking capabilities, meaning that the earbuds will be able to monitor your heart rate, VO2 Max testing, as well as offer up in-ear coaching.

These earbuds even comes with sensors so that it can detect background noise, and depending on which side of your ear is noisier, say you’re standing with your left facing a busy road, it’ll focus the sound on your right ear so that when you receive calls it’ll come through clearer. It should be noted that this isn’t the first pair of headphones to offer up fitness tracking features.

Just earlier last month Jabra unveiled the Sport Pulse headphones that offered up similar capabilities. Now in terms of battery life, the Elite Sport is said to last 3 hours, but its carrying case also doubles as a portable charger. If these sound like a pair of headphones you might be interested in, they are expected to retail for $250 and will be available exclusively from Best Buy come 30th October.

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