As technology is starting to become integrated more and more in our daily lives, the line that separates art and technology is starting to blur. So much so we’ve started calling computers with top of the line specs to be “pieces of art”, but perhaps this 1TB hard drive that’s being displayed on Art 404’s gallery with its own pedestal and all.

So what exactly does it contain that makes it considered to be a piece of art? Basically it contains about $5 million worth of illegally downloaded and obtained books and software. To be more specific, it contains about $3 million worth of fiction books that date back to 2003 until 2011, a science textbook collection worth half a million dollars along with 124GB worth of copyrighted music, fonts, Adobe software, game system ROMs and more.

It even comes with a PDF that lists all the contents of the drive along with hyperlinks to Pirate Bay and MegaUploads.

A pretty brazen display of piracy and if anyone should be put on trial, it should be “artist” who created this as opposed to the 15 year old teen from Sweden who only downloaded 24 movies, which is probably a fraction of what this 1TB hard drive contains.

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