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Redesigned iMacs Inspired By The iPad Pro Expected At WWDC 2020
Apple’s iMac was last updated more than a year ago, which means that it is most definitely due for an update. In fact, we have heard the rumors that suggested that Apple could actually be planning to introduce a new design for the iMac this year, and now it looks like we could be seeing that design much sooner than expected.

Mini LED MacBook Pro, iPad, iMac Expected In 2021
It has been rumored that Apple is working on mini LED products, but to date, we haven’t actually seen any from the company. In fact, one of the rumored mini LED products is an iPad Pro that was supposed to launch this year, but has since been delayed. Now according to analyst Jeff Pu, it seems that the mini LED lineup will only be arriving in 2021.

This iMac Concept Comes With Face ID And A Magic Trackpad That Wirelessly Charges Your Devices
Apple’s iMacs have kept to the same design for many years, but according to the rumors, the computer is set for a “substantial refresh” later this year. We’re not sure what exactly that means, and whether or not a redesign could be in the works, but a concept video by YouTuber “the Hacker 34” shows us what we may or may not be able to expect.

New iMacs Are Apparently ‘Ready To Ship’
While Apple has updated its laptops to feature Intel’s 10th-gen processors, the iMacs have yet to be refreshed and the top of the line models continue to use Intel’s 9th-gen processors. For those who are hoping to see a refresh soon, you might be in luck as FrontpageTech’s Jon Prosser has revealed that new iMacs are inbound.


iMac Could Receive A ‘Substantial’ Refresh This Year
The last time Apple updated the iMac’s design, it was back in 2012 where the company introduced a newer and slimmer unibody design. However, save for the space grey option for the iMac Pro, Apple hasn’t really done much in terms of redesigning their all-in-one desktop computer.

A 23-inch iMac Could Be Launching Later This Year
For customers who want to buy the iMac, they have had pretty much only two choices: go for the tiny 21-inch model or pay big bucks to shell out for the larger 27-inch model. Given that we’re seeing more people start to turn to larger monitors, with some opting for ultrawide displays, 21-inches does feel paltry by comparison.

Apple Could Bring Face ID To Future MacBooks And iMacs
While Touch ID has been used in Apple’s iPhones and iPads for several years, it took Apple a while before the feature was brought over to its MacBooks. Apple later switched to Face ID, so we imagine that it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question for the company to introduce a similar feature to its computers as well.

Apple Reportedly Planning To Start Reopening Its Stores In April
Apple had previously announced that they would be temporarily shutting down its physical stores until the 27th of March. However, given the severity of the coronavirus outbreak, the company cancelled this deadline and published on its website that all its physical stores will be closed until further notice.

Customers Unable To Reclaim Apple Devices Under Repair Due To Store Shutdowns
Have you recently sent your Apple device to one of Apple’s physical stores for repair? If you thought you could get them back anytime soon, think again. This is because due to Apple shutting down its physical stores until further notice, it seems that all devices left there for repair will not be returned until they reopen.

Future iMacs Could Come With A Built-In Projector
The trend we are seeing these days with computers is that people are either starting to adopt additional displays or buying a single ultrawide display. This can greatly improve on productivity as it allows more information to be displayed at once, so users can keep multiple apps and websites open while they work.

iMac And Mac Mini Refresh Could Be Announced Soon
Both Apple’s iMac and Mac Mini computers have not been updated for quite a while, with the last iMac refresh taking place about a year ago, and the Mac Mini being more than a year ago. However, there is some good news as it appears that there could be refreshes to either product on the horizon.

ARM-Based Mac Expected To Arrive In The Next 18-Months
It has been rumored for a while that Apple could be looking to launch ARM-based Mac computers in the future. Apple typically does not enjoy relying on other companies for parts, and generally prefers doing things themselves where they can. By going the ARM route, they will be able to stop relying on Intel for processors.

Apple Could Be Testing AMD Powered Mac Computers
For years on end, Apple has relied exclusively on Intel for the processors used in their Mac computers. However, things could be changing because according to recent code discovered in the latest macOS Catalina beta, it seems that Apple could be toying around with the possibility of using AMD processors as well.

How To Use AirDrop
AirDrop is Apple’s proprietary way of transferring files from one device to another, and here’s how you can use it.