Hiring new employees isn’t that difficult to do, but retaining employees, especially those that are particularly skilled in what they do is a different story. According to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that in an attempt to try and keep its top employees from leaving the company for greener pastures, Apple is offering huge bonuses.

The report claims that Apple is trying to keep its skilled engineers and programmers from leaving the company and are apparently offering bonuses from $50,000 to $180,000 for them to  stay. However, these bonuses do not come in the form of cash, but rather as restricted stock units that vest over four years.

This means that in order for these employees to truly reap the benefits of these bonuses, they will have to remain with the company if they’re hoping to cash out on it. These bonuses are also reportedly not part of the usual compensation packages that Apple pays its employees, meaning that they’re additional bonuses that are meant to act as incentives.

Companies poaching each other’s talents isn’t new, and we’ve seen how some of Apple’s competitors have managed to hire some of the company’s employees, and at the same time, we’ve also seen Apple convince employees of other companies to come on board, so this isn’t really anything new.

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