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All Windows 10 PCs Will Have HoloLens Support Starting Next Year
Augmented reality and virtual reality are no longer just buzz words. Serious work is being done by some of the biggest companies in the tech industry to bring this technology to the mainstream. HoloLens is Microsoft’s augmented reality project and the company today announced a partnership with Intel that’s going to bring support for the HoloLens platform to all Windows 10 PCs starting next year.

Project Alloy Is Intel's New All-In-One VR Platform
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich today unveiled Project Alloy during his keynote at the 2016 Intel Developer Forum. Project Alloy is Intel’s all-in-one virtual reality platform which has all of the components required inside the headset itself allowing for a powerful VR experience without being tethered to a PC. Intel calls it a perfect example of merged reality.

Intel And BMW May Team Up For Self-Driving Cars
Partnerships between tech companies and legacy car manufacturers appear to be a trend these days. We’ve already seen a partnership between Google and Fiat Chrysler, and a new report suggests that Intel and BMW may be looking to team up as well to work on self-driving cars. Apparently, both companies are willing to join together their respective strengths in order to create the cars of the future.

iPhone 7 Will Feature Modems From Intel & Qualcomm [Rumor]
Last year it was discovered that the A9 chipset for the iPhone 6s was made by Samsung and TSMC, meaning that some models had a Samsung-made chip, while other models had a TSMC-made chipset. This would not have been that big of a deal but it was discovered that on paper, the TSMC chipset provided better battery life.


4K UHD Display Rumored For Surface Pro 5
Rumor has it that Microsoft isn’t going to launch the Surface Pro 5 tablet later this month. Instead, it will wait for the Kaby lake processors from Intel and use them in its new tablet. The Surface Pro 5 is also rumored to feature a 4K Ultra High Definition display. As of now it’s believed that this new high-end Microsoft tablet is going to be released in September this year. Microsoft […]

Intel Modem Chip Could See Action In iPhone 7
They say that when you repeat a lie often enough, it could jolly well end up as the perceived truth. Well, while a rumor is not a lie per se, this does not mean that repeating a rumor many times over would not end up being taken as the gospel truth by some. It seems that there has been whispers of Apple making use of an Intel modem chip underneath […]

Computex 2016 Dates + Products To Expect
Computex 2016 will be held from May 31 to June 4 in Taipei, Taiwan. The main exhibition will happen at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Center Hall 1 (+Hall 3) and the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Check the official Computex 2016 site.Over the years, Computex when from being PC-centric to a place where more and more diverse products are being presented, including phones, tablets and IoT. With Computex 2016 […]

Teen Figured Out Way To Transform Sewage Into Electricity
Recycling is definitely the buzzword for many, especially when we start to take more responsibility for leaving a green earth for the next generation. Well, there is money to be made in rubbish as Apple themselves recovered $40 million worth of gold from their recycling efforts. A teen from Canada, Austin Wang, picked up first prize at Intel ISEF 2016 for coming up with a method of transforming sewage into […]

Intel Cancels Atom Processor, Could Exit Mobile Industry [Update]
Update – According to a statement provided by Intel, “We are not exiting the mobile space. We are committed to long-term leadership and improved profitability of our mobile business and the decision to cancel these projects enable us to move resources to products that deliver higher returns and advance our strategy.”While Intel appears to be continuing to dominate the desktop and laptop market with their processors, their mobile efforts haven’t […]

Intel Wants USB-C To Replace The Headphone Jack
Apple seems be having a hard time being the first to the market for new features. Last year it was rumored that the iPhone 6s/6s Plus would have pressure-sensitive displays, but Huawei beat them to the punch (albeit with not much fanfare). This year’s iPhone 7 is rumored to drop the headphone jack but LeEco managed to get there first.

More Evidence Of Intel Providing Modems For The iPhone 7
Rumors dating back to March 2015 suggested that Intel could be working on modems that might find their way into the iPhone 7. We also heard the rumors that Intel had about 1,000 employees working on it and now thanks to a report from Bloomberg, we might just have gotten more evidence that Intel could indeed by supplying modems for the iPhone 7.

Intel RealSense Robotic Development Kit Revealed
Intel has just announced their RealSense robotic development kit which will allow you to construct the likes of robots, drones, and other devices which will be semi-autonomous. This new Robotic Development Kit and Aero Kit that is meant for drones has been shown off at the Intel Developer Forum which is happening in Shenzhen this week. Even better, the Robot kit will be made available for $250 per pre-order.

Samsung Catching Up To Intel In Semiconductor Market Share
It is safe to say that Intel is the leader when it comes to semiconductors. The company has provided chips for computer vendors over many, many years, but it looks like Samsung could be catching up soon, at least according to a report from IHS (via SamMobile) in which they claimed that Samsung’s market share has increased, thus closing the gap between both companies.

Intel & AMD Reportedly Discussing GPU Patent Licensing
When it comes to processors for computers, Intel and AMD are considered rivals, but in the GPU market, that battle is between AMD and NVIDIA. However it seems that Intel could be getting a boost in the GPU department in the future, according to a report from Bloomberg which seems to have suggested that both Intel and AMD are in talks about potentially licensing GPU patents.