Image credit - Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Image credit – Ethan Miller / Getty Images

How many of us as kids remember seeing those ads for x-ray glasses at the back of comic books or cereal boxes back in the day? Safe to say that none of those glasses worked, but it looks like decades later, a company by the name of Daqri might have come pretty close. During CES 2016, the company unveiled a helmet that would give its wearer x-ray-like vision.

So how does this work? Do you really get x-ray vision with this helmet? Yes and no. For starters this helmet was created for industrial usage by virtual reality firm Daqri, with Intel lending some of its technology like its Core M processor. Basically the idea is that it would allow the wearer to see inside objects, such as pipes and machinery, to give them an idea of how the machine works, and what could possibly be wrong.

The helmet will also provide the wearer with diagrams of the object, maps, and also potential problem areas that need addressing. So in reality this is more like augmented reality than x-ray vision, but like we said it does come pretty close. Daqri isn’t the only company exploring augmented reality as Microsoft is doing the same with the HoloLens.

However the company might have beaten Microsoft to the punch as the Daqri Smart Helmet will actually be shipping later this quarter, so companies that might have a need for the technology should keep an eye out for it.

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